How Meeting My Soulmate Taught Me To Love Again

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By Tylia Flores

Three years ago, my world came crashing down when my high school sweetheart ended our relationship. We had many differences we our love couldn’t save when it came to where we were both headed in life.

I went through a roller coaster of many emotions such as grief, heartbreak, and disbelief.

The pain caused me to become angry at those around me that would even bring up the idea of relationships and building that connection that everyone desires in their lives.

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Having the mindset that love wasn’t in the cards for me, I just continued on with getting back to normalizing my life.

Through therapy and connecting with my loved ones, I learned how to cope with the anger. I also learned to let go of the wounds that I have gained from the past relationship.

Finding love was the last thing on my agenda, but as people always say, life has its surprises.

A mutual friend recommended that I connect with his friend because he was also involved in the same industry as me.

At first, I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it except a friendship and possibly a few business ventures together.

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But as time went on, our connection grew stronger and deeper.

Each phone conversation between us would go on for hours. We could talk all day about our lives, along with our common love for old folks’ country and bluegrass music, and radio broadcasting.

With each day, I felt relief, as if I was finally breaking free and bulldozing the wall I had built up for three years.

I finally felt like I was free to fly once again. My pulse intensified more than ever before.

My own definition of what love meant to me had changed from when I first experienced it.

I can no longer deny that the more I got to know my soulmate, the more I was healing and letting go of bitterness and anger I had let myself ignore all this time.

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Entering this new journey, I feel so relieved and cleansed.

I consider this to be a new beginning.

I found a new definition of love that is 10 times more powerful than what I thought it was before I crossed paths with my soulmate.

Meeting my soulmate has reminded me that I am braver and stronger than I ever thought I was. I feel like I can overcome anything.

Past wounds do not define where a person is headed. In fact, wounds pave the way to beautiful destinations.

You should never limit yourself from a second chance because of one bad experience.

You never know what great destinations you will be headed to if you just open up your heart again.

So let go of every ounce of pain, because pain doesn’t last forever.

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