3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change The Most During Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Starting September 2, 2021 To October 10, 2021, 2021

What a difference a day makes.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Friendships Change The Most During Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius Starting September 2, 2021 To October 10, 2021, 2021 Sahara Prince/Shutterstock.com

September 2, 2021 brings definitive moments for three zodiac signs whose friendships change the most during Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

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Starting September 2, 2021, Saturn in Aquarius will be at 8 degrees, and that is what's called the 'Scorpio degree' in astrology. They say in astrology whenever a Scorpio enters your life big things start to happen. Scorpio energy is the seeker of all truths and one of the things we hide from others is how we feel about the friendships in our lives. 


Most of us don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so we hang around people we would rather say goodbye to. We also don't want to be rejected so we avoid saying hello to the people we DO want to hang out with more frequently.

But, for three zodiac signs whose friendships change during Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, all that can change on Thursday., and astrology explains why.

Our friendships change all of the time. We have certain people that remain our best friend for life. But the truth is that we have temporary friendships, day-long, month-long and seasonal friendships that make an impact but don't last because we either our grow them or they suddenly outgrow us.


We move to new addresses. Graduate from college or change jobs, and despite our best efforts to remain in touch, sometimes life happens and things just don't go to plan. 

We may find ourselves sticking around with people who have provided a sense of comfort, but for one reason or another their relationship is no longer necessary, and this becomes most-apparent during Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

It's not that they are wrong or that they did something wrong, it's just that the relationship doesn't work in the way it needs to for both of you to grow, and isn't that what we are here to do in this world. 

Saturn has been known to strip us of our falsehood and our needless toys, and sometimes it will break a relationship that is holding two people back from the purpose that they need to fulfill elsewhere.


In a sense, Saturn retrograde is working internally starting Thursday, September 2, 2021 through October 10, 2021, to change our friendships. Because Aquarius is the sign of the friend. It rules the house of friendships and networks of people we collaborate with for business and anything where change needs to happen. 

So if you have felt stuck with toxic friendships or people who you just hang out with because there's no one else calling or inviting you to do things. Big changes are coming.

You may decide that you're ready to go on without a friend for a little while and that space you've created opens the door to an event, or a hobby or a chance meeting that allows you to fall into a new group and become a different version of you than you are now.

In fact, Thursday, can be best defined by the proverb, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are..." and nothing rings more clearly than when Saturn is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.


Zodiac signs whose friendships change the most during Saturn retrograde in Aquarius starting September 2, 2021 to October 10, 2021:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Your friendships are going to change the most because you are going to pursue real relationships that are based on love vs opportunity.

Capricorn, you are all business, and you have made a few friends at work that you know you need in your life to make things happen. But, when you go home, life is a lonely place. The last few years has been all about trying to recoup your loses, and you've had to work harder than ever before to get back on your feet. 

This has cost you your social life. You have a few people who you do chat with from time-to-time, but it's all small talk and superficial to say the least. This has worked for you because the truth is all you've been doing lately is work. Be real, Cappy. Even your play time is work-driven. 

Now, that your ruling planet Saturn is in your house of money and personal property, you've been earning and working harder than ever before. Strangely, you're in a quandry.


You're happy when you have things, and you feel secure when you aren't financially stretched, but internally what Saturn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius has you noticing is that it really doesn't matter much without someone to share it with.

So, you are going to have your friendships change the most because you're seeing the light that you did not see before. The world is a big place, and it's more than work that you need in your life. You can be successful at your job, but now you're ready to take your energy and apply toward people.

You want to make friends, and for this reason you might open your life to folks you have nothing in common with and who don't work with you or have anything to do with your job.

You might join a club or start a new routine that has you crossing paths with the most unlikely individuals. But, this is going to be SO good for you. You need this type of adventure in your life. It's going to radically change your friendships and it will also do your heart good.


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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Your friendships are going to change the most starting September 2, because you are ready to be around people you like, not just around individuals who pay attention to you.

You are really starting to own your individuality again. With the Sun having made some massive changes in your life during the month of August, you feel awakened and more intuitive about things.

So, of course, when you see that your friends aren't living their best life, and, in essence, holding you down with negative energy, you decide to stop getting your strokes from your social circle and retreating to yourself for a change.


You don't need to go out for attention. Instead, you might enjoy the peace and quiet of your bedroom these days after a long day at work. In fact, with the Sun in Virgo, you are ready to do things that make an impact in your life.

And while Saturn is retrograde in your relationship sector you are evaluating friends, family and the people you hang out with to see what role they play in your world. If they are toxic, you might just slowly ghost and leave messages on read. With Mercury in Libra now, you might even decide to take a short trip or go out more frequently to see who you can meet. 

Because you easily meet new people, your friendships are going to change the most when you connect with individuals you've attracted into your life with this new mindset. It's going to be a big deal for you Leo, and it's about time.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, your friendships are going to change the most starting September 2, 2021 because you've changed. If life has taught you anything while Saturn has been in your sign all year that is to strip yourself of any falsehoods and to be real with yourself and others. 

You have been learning all the hard lessons in life. You have become comfortable being alone, even though you may not enjoy it. You're social by nature, and yet, social distancing has helped you to value your personal space. Now, that Saturn is retrograde, you're reshifting your priorities and at the top you will place items like health, personal development, and building your life around what you perceive has lasting value.

So, as you start to clear away the negative energy in your life, naturally that will include anything that you sense is in the way of your growth. This could be an ex who you stay friends with because you thought you might get back together with but he's with someone else and just keeps you around with false hopes. This will include the best friend who you know deep down inside is not really your friend, but you've known each other for so long, you thought you can't say goodbye.

You're going to let the drags of your life go, and suddenly with the comfort of loneliness start to go out and meet new people.


You might find it fun and exciting to be more selective of who you allow in your space. In fact, you may make a new best friend who introduces you to everyone they know and find yourself in this amazing social circle filled with interesting people who like you for who you are. They won't just like you, though. They are going to teach you how to love yourself.

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