3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Commit During The Void Of Course Moon Starting August 26, 2021

There's a very good reason why.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Commit During The Void Of Course Moon On August 26, 2021 AleksandrMorrisovich/Shutterstock.com

Three zodiac signs who can't commit during the Void of Course Moon starting on August 26, 2021 will want to note the timing on Thursday.

The Void of Course Moon makes committing difficult for these three zodiac signs, and astrology explains why.

There's a very good reason why we might not be able to commit, or get too involved with just about anything during the very interestingly titled Void of Course Moon, and that is because when the Moon goes Void, as I will explain in a bit, so do our minds.


The Void of Course Moon will be going from Aries to Taurus on August 26, 2021.

The Void of Course Moon is basically the state of the aspect as it changes from one sign to another.

As we've noticed, we are always talking about Moon in Pisces, or Moon in Aries...well, right before it gets into the next sign it goes through a phase we call Void of Course. Sounds ominous, doesn't it?

The Void of Course Moon is such an interesting transit, as we are all subject to its influence. The Moon is our premiere influence, as it is the closest celestial body to us.

As the Moon controls the tide, so does it control, or rather, impact our mental states.


So when we speak of not being able to 'commit' we're not limited to the topic of love; we're talking...everything. We can't commit, because we can't think straight. It's that simple. So, on August 26, 2021, prepare for the Void!

Who's going to feel it the most?

Zodiac signs who cannot commit during the Void of Course Moon starting August 26, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Void of Course Moon will be taking over your mind on August 26, however there's nothing to worry about. You'd be best advised to take on as little responsibility as possible.

What's best for you, Gemini, is to focus on downtime and rest.

While that might not be practical, especially in the middle of your work day, it's still advisable for you to avoid commitment and keep everything light for the day.


On August 26, during the Void of Course Moon, it is not the time to say 'yes' to heavy workloads, nor is it time to make plans with friends.

Take the day off on this one. If you do make plans - expect them to fall apart. If you are someone who is in love or in a relationship, let your words be peaceful and placid.

Don't start anything you can't finish. If you can back out of any previously made plans, you'd be doing yourself a favor.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

There is never a day in your life when you don't seek balance, and often times that pursuit leads you to complete imbalance. You try, you fail, you sulk.


If you'd like this day, August 26, to go well, then do yourself a favor and don't try anything. That's it. Keep to yourself, stay in your head, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Sweating the small stuff, for you, leads to sweating the BIG stuff, and on and on.

Void of Course Moon on August 26 rules your subconscious, and this one's going to void it out almost completely.

Today's a good day for going inward, taking long breaks and contemplating. If you tend to participate in spiritual practices, do them alone and be happy about it.

Avoid people - not because there's anything wrong with them, but because Void of Course Moon lunar phase this Thursday might have you ALL misunderstanding everything that comes out of your mouths. Keep it light, keep it tight.


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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

As it seems to be going with everybody else, you, too, Aquarius should avoid anything that may get you too involved - this means, do not commit to engagements, shopping sprees, a day out on the town...in fact, if you're a working person - keep it cool and easy on the job.

Don't offer your services, and don't contact people to start new endeavors during Thursday's Void of Course Moon.


This is the day for meditation, and while that might not be practical, on the job, you are best off keeping to yourself as much as you can.

You will feel particularly disengaged during this day, and it will pass, however it's a good idea to just hold off on all plans, whether major or minor, during Void of Course Moon leaving Aries to enter the zodiac sign of Taurus.

What you can get is a great meditation, so if that's something that appeals to you - go for it. Other than that, commit to nothing.

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