3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall Out Of Love During Venus Trine Uranus (At Critical Degrees) Starting August 6, 2021

You tried.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Fall Out Of Love During Venus Trine Uranus (At Critical Degrees) Starting August 6, 2021 Overearth/Shutterstock.com

When Venus Trine Uranus, we are looking at questions that arise within a relationship. These questions will be answered and those answers may not always please;

Three zodiac signs who will fall out of love need to look at Venus trine Uranus taking place on August 6, 2021.

There's a truth-telling quality to this astrological aspect, and while the truth may set us free, it may also expand our vision so that we may see something we don't necessarily want to see.


People are always shocked when they hear of someone who 'fell out of love ' with someone else, as if love is a contract that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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The truth is - we do fall out of love. Not always, but it's most certainly not a rare situation when we do. And when we do fall out of love, there is usually some sort of cosmic force that nudges it in that direction. In this case, it's Venus Trine Uranus.

Those critical degrees are what makes the experience of falling out of love either a good one, or a bad one.


And, depending on which sign of the zodiac we fall under, the chances for this to happen are much greater.

Zodiac signs who will fall out of love during Venus trine Uranus starting August 6, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Before you do anything rash, Aries, it would be advised for you to really think things through. You are impulsive, and sometimes your actions are irrevocable;

Before you shut the gate permanently on your relationship, take time to weigh the pros and cons of what you presently have with this person.

You don't want to end things simply because you feel annoyed with your love life, not to mention that it's not entirely up to you.


You need to engage in a conversation with your partner before you make a unilateral decision to end it. If you've fallen out of love - take a breath before you let them know.

There's a good chance they already feel your disinterest. While you do need to find the best life for yourself, it would be best for you to talk it out with your person, and then decide what to do, together, in mutual agreement.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

One day you were in love, and the next day, you were not. You're stunned by this - it's hard for you to comprehend how you loved this person so much, and how you can hardly stand to look at them now. You want out.


Out of the relationship, out of the living arrangement - you have seen the light and it does not shine on your present romantic situation. You want to run away - it's no longer a matter of "Let's talk this one out, honey..."

You're in flight mode and you don't want to look back. Did you once love this person? Yes, with all of your heart and soul...and yet, now...nothing. You feel nothing for them.

Perhaps you've been hurt by them, betrayed? Perhaps you can't find anything to hold on to, or trust. Uranus' influence in Trine with Venus really makes it a cut and dry scenario. You've made up your mind; you are no longer in love. All you want now is to move on.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You have found somebody else to love, and this has affected your feelings towards your partner. You have not been faithful, even though loyalty and devotion is something you value in a romance.

Your feelings towards your mate have been dwindling for a while, which is why you decided to look outside the relationship for deeper romance.

In doing so, you fell in love with someone else and your partner is now clueless as to what's going on. Would you end the relationship you're presently in if you didn't have a back-up partner to smooth the transition, or would you be brave enough to end it and stand alone for as long as it takes until you get a new partner?


Ask yourself those questions, Scorpio. Are you planning your rebound with this new person, and would you have the nerve to end your present relationship if you didn't have someone else on the side? Hearts are on the line, Scorpio - stay human.

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