Man Throws Girlfriend The Batman Birthday Day Party Of Her Childhood Dreams

Batman isn't just for boys.

batman surprise birthday party in basement @SparkyMularkey / Twitter

When she was little, Sim Mularkey was told that she couldn’t have a Batman themed birthday party because “Batman is for boys.” 

But at the age of 32, her dream finally came true. After coming home from a long day of work, Mularkey walked into the surprise party she had dreamed of since she was little. 

Mularkey shared her Batman birthday party on Twitter complete with pictures of the decked-out celebration.


She captioned the Tweet, “When I was a little girl in the 90s, I wanted a Batman birthday party, but I was told that ‘Batman was for boys.’ Growing up, I always joked that someday I'd get that Batman birthday party when I turned 32 (my favorite number). I gave up on that idea, but my boyfriend didn't.” 

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Along with more images, Mularkey shared on Twitter how she had forgotten about her own birthday and was expecting a quiet dinner after an exhausting day at work. When she opened the door she was moved to tears by the sight of her friends and all of the Batman decor.


Mularkey shared pictures of just how much work they went to in order to make her party happen. They'd made everything from a Batman themed cake to Batman themed cocktails and even had a photo booth. 

The birthday girl thought she had seen it all, until the party goers told her to go downstairs where she found her basement turned into a Batman themed carnival. The carnival downstairs had everything that a grown up Batman fan could want. The homemade carnival held games such as “Pin the Nipples on the Batman” and “Bane’s Beer Pong Blitz.” 

The surprises didn’t stop there, though. There was even a Riddler themed scavenger hunt inspired by the Batman villain, The Riddler. Riddles were hidden all over the house which required players to solve them in order to collect a prize. Along with the scavenger hunt, the group played Batman themed charades with phrases written out on keys to Arkham. 

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Mularkey noted that out of all the over-the-top homemade games, her favorite was a “Joker Batarang” challenge. Built by her boyfriend, the game consisted of throwing 3D printed Batman inspired objects at balloons on a wall to win points. 

“I think my favorite part was the Joker Batarang challenge. This man BUILT A TURNTABLE OF JUSTICE. The green balloons were filled with ‘Joker Gas,’ so you’d lose points if you hit them,” Mularkey tweeted. 

Mularkey wrapped up her series of tweets about the party with an inspiring ending note accompanied by a selfie of her in her Batman mask. “So much went into this party and I hadn’t realized just how much I needed to feel like a kid again. It seriously healed my soul. I am so lucky to have such a great man in my life who makes me feel like a hero. And now I know for sure, forever, that Batman is for everyone,” she tweeted. 

Mularkey shared her Tweet on Monday, and since then, it has received over 220,000 likes and over 5,000 comments. One user commented, “This is one of the best examples of just wholesome, loving, and thoughtful content I have read.”


Mularkey’s comment section was filled with countless women who had similar experiences as children being told that Batman was for boys, but as adults are now able to embrace their inner superhero. 

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