3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Comes Back During Mercury Retrograde, May 29 To June 22, 2021

Oh Mercury retrograde, why do you always have to be so nasty?

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Comes Back During Mercury Retrograde, May 29 To June 22, 2021 Oksana Tkachova/Shutterstock.com

Oh Mercury retrograde, why do you always have to be so nasty? Why do you always have to mess up plans, and fumble our forward progress?

Mercury retrograde is here - and we're going to experience its unrelenting punch from May 29 through June 22, 2021.

Retrograde season always seems to bring something back into our lives when we least expect it.

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The upsets will fill our lives with stupid mistakes, wrong moves, and bad decisions - sometimes made for us by others, and other times forged by our own hands.

Mercury retrograde has a tendency to put us too deeply into our own heads, and where there is overthinking - there is the potential for trouble.


One particular topic for rumination that comes up during a retrograde season is the idea of what an ex-lover is doing.

Are they happy, are they miserable - do they still think of us, or why the heck are we still thinking of them? This astrological event is going to bring some old faces back into our lives, whether we want to see them or not.

And for a particular few of us, we'll be shot right back into the past to deal with someone who, technically, lives there. Or, at least we thought that's where they lived, until now.

Which signs can expect to hear from an old lover, thanks to the Mercury retrograde?

For three zodiac signs, Mercury retrograde will bring an ex back into the picture.


Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius will be lamenting how Mercury opened a door that they thought was closed, shut, and sealed without any permission to ever reopen.

Three zodiac signs whose ex comes back during Mercury retrograde May 29th to June 22nd, 2021:

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This retrograde could be considered extra wacky, considering we've just come out of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with a touch of Saturn Retrograde underlying it all.

How this affects you, Taurus is in the idea that an old flame of yours is due to return - and there is nothing in the world that you want LESS than to have anything to do with this person ever again. It's not the kind of return that lasts or even influences you - yet, they want you back and they will make a nuisance of themselves until you get rid of them, AGAIN.

This is someone who just can't take a hint. You've taken them back in the past, but they've returned to their old tricks almost immediately, and you finally learned your lesson with them: never let them back into your life.


You don't need external advice for this one, Taurus, you already know that even though they are persistent, they are also trash when it comes to your love life, your self-esteem, and your personal progress. They may come a-knockin' but that doesn't mean you have to answer.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Here's a twist - Mercury retrograde has stirred up some old memories for you, and now you can't get a certain person out of your head.

You wonder what became of them, what they're doing now, and so you stalk them a bit on social media, you know - just some 'harmless' investigating.

Except seeing their activity online makes you even more curious, and so you reach out - yes, this retrograde has started to make you forget yourself - and what happened between you and this person who is no longer in your life.


So, you reach out - and you get rejected. It is YOU who is the person who comes back into someone's life during this retrograde, and it is you who messes up that communication on a permanent level.

Your strong Leo ego makes you think you can do no wrong, but reaching out to someone who doesn't want you around isn't a good idea, and it's one that - if you really do pursue them - will come back to you in a negative way. Do yourself a favor - let sleeping dogs lie.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You are someone who has kept an easy-going relationship with all of your exes. You try to avoid animosity or bad feelings as much as you can, and your style with exes has always been one of "let's stay friends" - which, you've been very successful at doing.


But there's that one person - the one who couldn't let go in earnest and the Mercury retrograde seems to have stirred up in them some kind of faux desire to be back in your life.

They don't even know why, but suddenly, due to the confusion caused by the retrograde (and this one is a heavy one...) this person from the past has decided that you are the ONE and that you, two, should try for a reunion.

What they aren't comprehending is that you don't want this or them - and that there's a very good chance you're with someone else right now.

You will hear from that one person this week; it's almost as if you've been expecting them to contact you, and it causes dread in you because you aren't one to enjoy rejecting people. Still, you may just have to reject them. Just remember, this is their fantasy, not yours.


Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

Everything in both your charts and your cards reveals that you will be surrounded by love and happiness over the next few weeks.

While that seems like a blessing, it may also stir up old emotions, which will lead to reminiscing over old love affairs.

You'll be comparing notes - who was the best lover? Who was the kindest person? Who did me the worst? Who would I run from if I saw them on the street? Well, that's the hilarious irony of Mercury retrograde - that person you wish to avoid at all costs?


That's the person who suddenly feels they need back in your life.

The good part is that they're not going to make any effort to get back in, however, you may hear from them under the guise of, "Hey, I was just calling to check in on you, see how you're doing..." This is the cool, calm, collected way of starting things up again - according to this person.

You may even play along, thinking they are innocent and without ulterior motive.

Then - ding, ding, ding - all of a sudden, this person from the past goes from mild friend material to pushy ex who can only see what's wrong with you and has now decided to tell you all about it. You've got a spiteful ex on your hands.


Your best move here is to ignore them. They thrive on your attention, negative or positive. Give them neither.

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