10 Flirty, Fun Dresses For Fun In The Sun All Spring & Summer Long

Dress yourself up or down this summer.

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We’re getting back out there this summer post-vaccine, and since we’re going to have a jam-packed few months of beach trips, vacations, and hanging out with friends, there’s no time to plan outfits. 

That’s why we all need some versatile, fun summer dresses that you can throw on quickly but still look cute.

Thankfully, Missguided is bringing back the Missguided x Playboy collection to deliver all your edgy-but-cute summer outfits in one place.


All the favorites from the collection have been restocked including 39 classic styles and 18 varsity lines.  

These amazing dresses can easily be styled up or down for fun in the sun that turns into late-night antics. But even if dresses aren’t your thing, be sure to check out the collection for more exclusive items.

Shop these fun summer dresses from the Missguided x Playboy collection today. 

Didn’t catch them the first time? We got you. Find all of your favorite pieces from our recent Playboy x Missguided drops​.

1. Mint oversized T-shirt dress.


This vibrant, casual dress is giving us music festival vibes in all the best ways. Tie-dye was everyone’s favorite hobby last summer, and we’ve been obsessed with it ever since. 

The mint with the accompanying pink logo on the front and back of the dress is super girly and fun for chill summer days. Pair this with some white sneakers and you’re good to go. 

(Missguided, $48)

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2. Black graphic back T-shirt dress.


For a more dramatic look, this black T-shirt dress is the one. When you’re repping Playboy you’ve got to be a little risque, so this graphic is the perfect mix of flirty and fun without you having to bare it all. 

This dress is also perfect for a day-to-night look. When you’re on the go all summer, there’s no time to go home and change, so pack a pair of heels to throw on and you’re good to go. 

(Missguided, $48)

3. Black repeat print hoodie dress.


Summer weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so you may not want to commit to the T-shirt dress just yet. 

This hoodie dress is super versatile for those colder days. You don’t even have to toss it to the back of your wardrobe once summer ends: This is an all-year-rounder that goes with basically everything. 

(Missguided, $71)

4. Charcoal tie-dye oversized T-shirt dress.


If colorful tie-dye is a little much for you, this more neutral-toned option is on-trend without being over the top. 

The dress can easily be paired with biker shorts and sneakers for a more casual look or dressed up with some cute sandals. 

(Missguided, $41)

5. Gray marl varsity polo collar dress.

If you want to swap oversized dresses for a more slim fit, this polo collar dress is the perfect way to show off your body shape. 


Sporty chic is so on-trend for summer when you want to be outdoors, having fun, but still looking put together. The distressed collar and dark green accents really give off vintage vibes without you having to dig through thrift stores for something that looks cute!

(Missguided, $65)

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6. Green varsity bunny long sleeve extreme oversized T-shirt dress.


For tall girls or anyone who wants a little bit more length on their dress, this one is for you. This varsity dress is slightly longer than some of the other options on this list, so you get the same oversized vibe without having to worry about revealing more than you bargained for. 

The long sleeves give you an extra level of warmth without being too much during those hot summer days. 

(Missguided, $50)

7. Black lips front extreme oversized T-shirt dress.


Pucker up! This graphic tee is really making a statement. Modeled after a classic Playboy cover, it has a retro feel while still being super trendy and easy to style.

Again, you can dress this up or down, depending on the look you’re going for. It’s super versatile and, most importantly, super comfy. 

(Missguided, $41)

8. Gray graphic T-shirt dress.


Ever see those girls who manage that casual, just rolled out of bed look yet still look cute and flawless? This is how they do it. 

This gray marl T-shirt dress looks super laid-back, but the pops of pink and flowy silhouette really elevate the look. 

(Missguided, $48)

9. Blue varsity print 3/4 zip oversized sweater dress.


This is another adorable coverup as the evenings get colder. You could even bring this to the beach or the pool, so you can go for lunch or dinner without having to pack a whole outfit. 

If you’re not into the oversized look, you could try sizing down and make this more of a sweater than a dress.

(Missguided, $67)

10. Pink repeat slogan T-shirt dress.


How cute is this pink pastel T-shirt dress? The slogan detail is feminine but packs a punch. You can through this over a bikini, biker shorts, or just wear it on its own.

Since the color and design are nothing crazy, it’s easy to style and definitely an essential wardrobe staple.

(Missguided, $48)

Don't miss Missguided x Playboy's spring-summer collection!

You don’t want to miss Missguided x Playboy’s collection this summer, so make sure to grab a dress or two ASAP. They’re all you need for some responsible summer fun as the warm weather begins to set in!

— Created in partnership with Misguided Clothing.

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