30 Best Summer Gifts For People Who Love Sunshine, Ice Cream, And Long Lazy Days

Bring on the sun!

Best Summer Gifts For People Who Love Sunshine, Ice Cream, And Long Lazy Days Olesya Kuprina / Shutterstock

Summer is in full swing and even though this year is a lot different — given that we're all living amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there's still opportunity to carve out time to enjoy ourselves as best we can. Though idyllic summertime activities like long-distance travel, outdoor concerts, and mingling at bars has been put on the backburner, we can get creative and have our own fun.

Small backyard hangs and staycations (and who doesn't love a staycation?) are still in the picture and so is going out to eat, to the beach, or for long walks — assuming you socially distance, wear a mask, and follow your state's regulations and CDC guidelines. And since we're all looking to spark a bit of joy in our lives right now, these best summer gifts can be just that: a little bit of sunshine amid a difficult year. We hope they make you smile.


1. Rosé

Summer wouldn't be summer without rosé and this one is a peach blossom color with shiny reflections It has an ontense fragrant, fruity nose with hints of violet, raspberry, morello cherry and wild strawberry. Perfect for summertime staycation sipping.


(Mionetto, prices vary)

2. Long-Sleeved Swimsuit

For when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, this long-sleeved swimsuit features color-blocked sides, baseball tee-style sleeves, and an ever-flattering cut. Throw it on over a swimsuit and paddle out.

(Carve Designs, $99)

3. Mango Mochi Ice Cream


What would summer be without ice cream? And if you haven't tried mochi ice cream, you must. The soft rice-based mochi dough covers deliciously flavored mango ice cream for a cold and textured bite. It's like eating a cloud. 

(Amazon, check for prices)

4. Sandals


How fun are these summertime sandals for dressing up any outfit? Its colorful leather and chic toggle adornment make it simple and sophisticated. 

(Frances Valentine, $228)

5. Summer Lipstick Shade

Infused with healing manuka honey, shea butter, avocado and sunflower oil — in addition to the soothing effect of chamomile flowers — this lipstick impart moisture and the perfect true nude pigment. And the best part? Nude goes with everything.


(Madame Gabriela, $34)

6. Pineapple Coconut Chips

Nothing evokes summer like pineapple and coconut. These two summertime faves make for a deliciously baked crunchy snack and pair well with #1.

(Amazon, check for prices)

7. Summer Fragrance


This whimsical summertime scent features warm and sensuous notes on a bed of white flowers, amber, vanilla, patchouli and plum. It's a light, fragrant summer scent that'll last you all day long.

(Hope Fragrances, $150)

8. Belt Bag

The perfect summer carry-all and big enough to fit all your essentials: mask, hand sanitizer, phone, wallet, sunnies. Designed with three exterior pockets to keep your essentials at arm’s reach.


(Calpak Travel, $45)

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9. Deodorant

Obviously, summertime = sweat, so a solid deodorant is a must. This one is vegan, gluten, soy and mineral oil-free and it's aloe-based for a soothing, comfortable glide.

(Myro, prices vary)

10. Bandeau Top


A bandeau top is so versatile — it can go under anything, work as a bra — it's a genius piece to own for summer. Mix and match with a matching bottom or even a long skirt or a pair of rugged jeans for the perfect summer outfit.

(Pink Colada, $45)

11. Hydrating Moisturizer 


Summertime calls for a lighter moisturizer and this weightless, oil-free gel hydrator will give you the glowing canvas you've always wanted. It's made with colostrum (also known as Mothers’ Milk from Danish cows) and is rich in immunoglobulin with anti-bacterial effects. 

(RE:ERTH, $70)

12. Fresh Kicks


These canvas sneakers are one of the most comfortable pairs you'll ever wear, they look fab with cuffed jeans, and you can dress 'em up or down.

(Amazon, check for prices)

13. Swim Dress

This swim dress is the perfect cover-up to throw on for added coverage to protect from the sun. The higher cut protects your neck and the quick dry fabric allows it to get wet and then be ready-to-wear.


(Carve Designs, $86)

14. Pride Cider 

June is Pride Month — but heck, we treat all summer as Pride month — and 101 Cider House launched Ginger Rouge, their limited-edition blend, which combines organic apples, cherries, ginger and damania. And the best part? 10% of all Ginger Rouge sales will be donated to Equality California, two decades strong in the fight for LGBTQ civil rights and social justice. 
(101 Cider, $15.99)  


15. Party Mules

Have you ever seen a snazzier heel for summer? We think not! Featuring a sculptural "kick ball" heel and shiny Napa leather — all topped with a bow — this is not your average mule. It's a party mule!

(Frances Valentine, $348)

16. Sunscreen


A summertime must-have. This lightweight, clean SPF-41 mist goes on light, clean, and the best (and most life-changing) part is you can apply it over your make-up.

(Habit, $30)

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17. Sports Bra

For the summer fitness-lovers in the group, a supportive sports bra is clutch. This one features an elegantly simple strappy back and crew neck for support, style and most importantly, comfort.


(Amazon, check for prices)

18. Face Mask

This fusion Korean face mask combines honey, lavender and hyaluronic acid for a comprehensive summer facial treatment. (Or just wear them to relax — that works, too!) 

(Amazon, check for prices)

19. Summer Earrings


Designer Sarah E. Kaplan's stunning earring line was established from her desire to create bold, singular jewelry designed to not only highlight the natural elements that form them, but more importantly — to offer pieces of wearable art. This pair is 14K gold plated with blue agate.

(Vue by Sek, $45)

20. Walking Sneaks


Summertime sneaks coming at ya! First introduced in 1985 as a performance trainer, this pair of Shadow Originals still have the same comfort and stability but now come with mesh, nylon and marshmallowy eva cushions for ultra-comfort on long walks and runs.

(Amazon, check for prices)

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21. Pool Float


A (socially-distanced) pool party is not a pool party without a groovy float. 

(Amazon, check for prices)

22. Lightweight Packing Cubes

While travel has been put on the back-burner this summer, summer road trips still call for packing a weekend bag — and this five-piece packing cube set makes everything a bajillion times easier. Once you use them, you'll never leave home without them.


(Amazon, check for prices)

23. Ice Cream Sandwich-Scented Candle

The scent of vanilla bean and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two delicious chocolate cookies? Say no more.

(DW Home, $12)


24. Lemon Verbana Lotion

The smell of sunscreen always reminds us of summer — and so will this scrumptious lemon-verbana scent. Made with yarrow and arnica, which have been used on dry, irritated skin for centuries thanks to their healing qualities, you'll lather this on daily when temps start to rise.

(Amazon, check for prices)


25. Vanilla Ice Cream Shower Gel

Body wash so you can smell like vanilla ice cream? Twist our arms.

(Amazon, check for prices)

26. Polarized Sunglasses


If you’re looking for a pair of durable stylish shades to wear every day, these polarized scratch-resistant sunnies are it.

(Amazon, check for prices)

27. Personalized Mason Jar Glasses

Perfect for holding a summertime drink  — and you can personalize them for an extra-special touch, too.

(Amazon Handmade, check for prices)


28. Flask Water Bottle

Come summer, staying hydrated is key. This Iron flask keeps your drink — water or otherwise — cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours.

(Amazon, check for prices)

29. Watercolor Crayons


With 25 vibrant colors you’ll have plenty of color for loads of amazing summer artwork creations. Twist up the plastic barrel to reveal the smooth gel crayons and then add water using the included paintbrush to create amazing watercolor effects.

(Amazon, check for prices)

30. Kettlebell

Strengthen your summer body with this slip-free Kettlebell. We're all working out in our homes in a DIY way these days since gyms are a COVID no-no — and a Kettlebell is a must for maintaining tone. 


(Target, $25.49)

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