The Best Casual Sex Dating Sites, Ranked: Top Hookup Sites And Apps That Actually Work

Hooking up should be fun, not stressful.

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People think they’re caving when they download a hookup app like it’s a fading trend. But what’s wrong with going the most convenient and fastest route when you’re looking for some casual fun?

These days, public interactions are limited. The fact that people are always buried in their phones makes finding a hookup hard work.

...Unless you use a hookup site.

We’ve done our research and have come up with the absolute best hookup sites.

These sites and platforms have a ton of people looking for casual, no-strings-attached fun with real success rates.


Use these adult dating sites to easily find someone new to hang with… or maybe more!

Why these sites?

It's simple. These sites have the most members who are actually DTF, which means way more options for you.
They're reputable, easy to use, and legit. Yes, that's right, you can actually get laid!

We judged these sites on the following criteria: Pricing, interface, gender ratio, matching, discretion, and most importantly, success rate.


You're looking for a hookup, not trying to put a ring on it. You don’t want to spend a fortune.

We look for sites with free membership options. Some are 100 percent free, and the ones that aren't must score highly in other areas.



Is the site easy to use or does it feel like it's stuck in the '90s? If a site has an app version, even better.

With a smoother interface, nice layout, and great tools, it's easier for users to find a hookup quickly. So, this largely has to do with customer experience and speed.

Gender Ratio

Plainly, men are often drawn to these sites more than women are. That's why it's crucial to find a site with a balance between the genders. We want both men and women to have as many options as possible while they browse through potentials.

Matching, Chatting, and Profiles

Seeking out casual sex can be vulnerable, so the site needs to make it as painless as possible. Can you send a wink or a message to just anyone? Do the profiles give enough information? How do you find your match?



When you're in love, you might want to shout it from the rooftops. But with casual sex, you're more likely to keep that on the DL. Sites that take security and discretion seriously will rank higher.

Success Rate

Lastly, can you actually hook up with someone using the site? There are lots of sites full of fake profiles out there. The ones we reviewed are the real deal.

There are a lot of review lists out there, but have the people who wrote those lists actually tried the sites? We have. So, without further ado, here are the best casual dating sites to help you hook up.

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The 21 best hookup sites and apps for casual, fun encounters.

1. Tinder — Best Hookup App (Rating: 10/10)


  • Best free hookup app

  • User-friendly

  • Quick registration

  • Find sex tonight


  • Sub-par matching algorithm

Tinder gets first place for swipe dating. Most people have it downloaded to their phones because it’s so easy to use.

Tinder is also one of the few swipe apps that has a reputation for being more of a hookup platform than a dating site, giving you a better shot at getting into bed with someone.

Another aspect we love is that it has a gigantic amount of daily users, so you won’t find yourself running into the same profiles over and over again.


Most people who use Tinder are focused on finding someone attractive. People rarely look beyond the first few photos in the profile, because it doesn’t matter to them.

Tinder is a bonafide hookup app and sex seems to be on the table for almost anyone.

You’d think that such a high-performing app would be costly, but Tinder is totally free! 

2. Adult Friend Finder — Best Hookup Site Overall (10/10)


  • Open-minded user base

  • Great for specific kinks and fetishes

  • Sign up for free

  • Large user base


  • Some ads

  • Users don’t typically care for long-term relationships

One thing that makes Adult Friend Finder stand out among the rest is the amount of adult chat that takes place. People are down to flirt on the platform as much as they are to meet up for a casual fling. Some people get their rocks off right there on the site. But we get it, you want the real deal... Adult Friend Finder works for that, too!


Unlike many other platforms, Adult Friend Finder doesn’t use an algorithm. It takes more of a free-for-all approach, which folks actually appreciate. It’s fun to have your pick of the litter, rather than letting a computer do the sorting for you. 

Getting started on Adult Friend Finder is easy and won’t cost you a thing. However, premium members gain access to more features, which you might find yourself interested in. 

3. OneNightFriend — Best Sex Site for One-Night-Stands (10/10)


  • Fosters the short, casual flings

  • Quick signup

  • Young, cute singles


  • Not as popular as others

  • A small but growing user base

As you can probably guess, OneNightFriend is all about the one-night stand. They boast a free, quick, and easy signup process. It’s not as famous as some other sites on this list, but it has a shockingly large user base that grows daily! 


Creating a profile on OneNightFriend is an exciting process because you can specify exactly what type of meeting you desire. It does a great job at curating hookup options for you and makes for a swift and seamless road to a casual and fulfilling encounter. 

Most singles on OneNightFriend are between the ages of 25 and 30, but all age groups are welcome to give it a shot. 

4. Seeking Arrangement — Best for Meeting Younger Women (10/10)


  • Attractive members

  • Caters to big age gaps

  • Specific search capabilities

  • Accepting of sugar relationships

  • Great women-to-men ratio


  • Sugar babies are usually business- and money-focused

  • Some flakey members


Seeking Arrangement is known for having a huge selection of young, beautiful women. It caters specifically to "sugar relationships," which often involve a mutually beneficial arrangement of some sort. 

Seeking Arrangement also tops our list as one of the most discreet sex and dating websites available. If you don’t want the world knowing you’re on the hunt for some physical touch, you can keep photos of yourself private. Grant access to more revealing photos through their private gallery feature. 

Seeking Arrangement also allows you to send messages to people for free, which is unique to other websites of its caliber. However, you will likely want to upgrade to enjoy more of their features. You should also be prepared for the possibility that these adult dates, though casual, will likely cost you money and energy. 

5. Ashley Madison — Most Consistent (10/10)


  • A discreet option

  • Casual sex encouraged

  • Good for sexting

  • Non-judgmental

  • Tons of users


  • Bad press

  • Implies that you want an affair

Ashley Madison, if you haven’t heard, used to be notorious for encouraging affairs. While there are still plenty of affairs that Ashley Madison is responsible for, there are also a ton of other casual, hot hookups that result from the site. In fact, Ashley Madison is one of the best hookup sites out there!  

If what you want is a quick, no-strings-attached relationship that’s mutually beneficial, look no further. Ashley Madison provides an excellent, intuitive user experience that matches adults looking for flirty fun.


The best part is that nearly every user is DTF. You don’t ever have to hide your true intentions when you use Ashley Madison to find a hookup! 

You can begin your Ashley Madison journey free of charge, so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a whirl.

6. — Best for Finding Someone You’ll Get Along With (9/10)


  • Famous for matching algorithm

  • Great conversationalists

  • Exciting matches


  • Many users want something long-term

  • Long sign-up process prides itself on the proven ability to match like-minded individuals with each other for dating, hookups, or flirty purposes.

For the app to work well, it implements a rather long sign-up process full of questions. This is so that the advanced algorithm has enough information to pair you up with someone you’ll actually like. 


At first blush, it might seem inconvenient for a hookup app. However, many people find ongoing hookup situations on that they ultimately come to really enjoy!

The fun, physical stuff is always better when you’re doing it with someone you actually like being around. 

While signing up for Match is free, you will want to purchase a package to enjoy the full capabilities that Match has to offer.

7. Grindr — Best Gay Site (9/10)


  • Best gay hookup site

  • Casual sex is implicit

  • Honest profiles

  • Advanced proximity function


  • Could use more in-depth profiles

  • Hard to stand out 

Most gay men are familiar with this famous — or shall we say, infamous — hookup app. The idea of Grindr has become so emblematic in the gay hookup scene, that it’s practically become a verb for kinky activity. But what does it mean to be on Grindr? 


Grindr is a unique swipe-based application that is known for encouraging hookups and attracting exciting personalities. It’s like a virtual gay nightclub.

Unlike other adult dating apps, you won’t find many users who want something more serious than a romp. You’ll know immediately if your match wants something ongoing or a one-night thing. 

Grindr’s best feature is its location function. Other apps let you put your location, but they don’t tell you who is currently a block away or in your neighborhood like Grindr.

8. Feeld — Most Sex-Positive (9/10)


  • Catered towards fetishes

  • Not a shady hookup site

  • Modern and fun

  • Welcoming and sex-positive

  • Group chat options


  • Can feel intimidating

  • Intense registration process

Feeld is the dating app that’s built for fans of kink, fetish, role-playing, threesomes, and more. Often, sites that advertise the encouragement of casual sex can tend to feel seedy. Feeld is not like that at all. It’s a well-made, modern hookup application that is simply open-minded and welcoming to various types of sexual desires. 

Feeld is also welcoming to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. They’ve got over 20 sexual and gender identity options that you can select when creating your profile. 

They also have room for couple accounts. Our favorite Feeld feature is the group chat function, catering to fans of group encounters.


9. Bumble — Best for women (8/10)


  • Great for women

  • Flakes are scarce

  • Nice platform


  • Better for heterosexual relationships

  • Men don’t have any control

Bumble puts a twist on app dating: The women have to make the first move. Society has long believed that men should make the first move in heterosexual dating situations. On Bumble, the woman is given the pressure and the control, which leads to more followthrough from both parties. 

Tons of folks use Bumble, but women usually outnumber the men who are on the app. This is because the feel and function of Bumble there to make women feel more comfortable. 

There’s also a nice video option if you want to get to know your match a little better before meeting up for casual sex.


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10. Plenty Of Fish — Most Options (8/10)


  • Free hookup site

  • Large dating pool

  • Variety of relationship possibilities


  • Annoying sign-up process

  • No quality control due to the large volume of members

Plenty Of Fish is a free hookup site that is often compared to other roulette-style dating sites like or Tinder. With its long-winded sign-up process and intense matching algorithm, we’d say it more closely resembles The difference is that it won’t charge you to use it, which is a nice change of pace! 

Plenty Of Fish is true to its name because it boasts the largest dating pool of any site in its category. We aren’t here to run the numbers, but POF certainly has a huge sea of fish.


It’s a fantastic hookup site for anyone who isn’t willing to commit to a pricing structure but wants to try something that’s been proven to set people up. 

There is a premium option you can pay for if you wish, but we don’t think you need to.

11. OKCupid — Best for Meeting Open-Minded People (8/10)


  • Fun and casual hookups

  • Great members

  • Easy-to-use application and site


  • Singles out conservative people 

  • Biased questionnaire

OKCupid has hit that sweet spot for people looking for more than a one-time thing but way less than saying, “I do.” 

If you’ve seen an OKCupid advertisement, you’ve seen that most of them say “DTF” in huge letters on them. It’s clear that a casual hookup is what you can get out of the site.


However, they still take their matchmaking algorithm seriously. But the questions they ask their users are all very unique, and pretty liberal. 

For instance, they’ll ask how you feel about abortion or when sex usually happens for you in a new relationship. For people who are conservative, these questions might seem like a turn-off, making OKCupid an awesome hookup site for liberal-minded people. 

12. Alt — Best for Alt-Style (8/10)


  • Sex-positive

  • Makes people feel welcome

  • Tons of fetishes accepted

  • Social media aspect


  • Some fake profiles

Alt was created so that those with alternative lifestyles could comfortably meet like-minded folks. If you’re not familiar with what an alternative lifestyle is, just think of it as any type of relationship that’s outside the cultural norm. For Alt specifically, it celebrates BDSM, pansexual, fetish, and other kinky relationships. 


Alternative folks flock to Alt for the opportunity to be introduced to people who are as kinky as they are. However, it’s not simply a hookup site. Alt expands beyond the realm of your typical dating site in various ways, including cam shows and social media interaction. 

Alt is also special because it’s a free sex dating website. If you decide to go premium, your profile becomes preferred and more accessible to users.

13. HER — Best for Lesbians (8/10)


  • Best lesbian hookup site

  • Various sexualities welcome

  • Millions of users

  • Sense of community


  • Extra features can be distracting

HER is a social dating app for LGBTQ+ people. Within the online dating space, it’s difficult to find applications dedicated specifically to queer women. HER is that safe haven. It’s a dating app first and foremost, but it also is so much more than that.


With over four million queer people on the application, tons of users report successful matching experiences. It’s just less in-your-face about casual sex, as opposed to some of the other dating sites on this list. 

HER prides itself on its ability to create a strong (and growing) community of powerful women. While you can find a soulmate or a sexual partner, you’ll also be notified of queer events in your area and be able to use the platform as a new form of queer social media. 

14. Zoosk — Best for Avoiding Catfishing (7/10)


  • Strict verification process

  • Straightforward

  • Large user base


  • Many folks want to put a ring on it

  • Expensive


While Zoosk brags that it’s a dating app that has led several users to the altar, you don’t have to take it quite that far. Everyone has a different mission when they sign up for this well-known dating site. 

People generally love that Zoosk is such a straightforward application. There aren’t too many distractions that could get you sidetracked. There’s also a very strict verification process which makes it near impossible for fakes and bots to weasel their way onto the site. 

The thing about Zoosk is that it’s not cheap. If you’re new to dating and hookup apps in general, you might want to skip Zoosk until you’re willing to make the financial commitment.

15. Elite Singles — Best for Smart Hookups (7/10)


  • Meet someone hot, smart, and established

  • An elite group of people


  • Stuck-up, elitist attitude

  • Serious daters everywhere

  • Long sign-up process

Elite Singles is the posh dating and hookup site that was created for the college-educated and career-oriented singles of the world. It has been able to reach millions of users who want to find a partner who is as smart as they are. 

If you don’t have time to spare, don’t bother with the Elite Singles' sign-up process. A long, in-depth personality questionnaire will ask you about your goals, ideals, philosophies, and more. 

Another thing to be mindful of when it comes to Elite Singles is that you can’t do much aside from wink and match with a free membership. You’re going to need to pay a premium in order to interact.


16. Doublelist — Best Personal Ads (7/10)


  • 100 percent free hookup site

  • Feels more organic

  • Quick meetups


  • Beware of scammers

  • Outdated design

  • More of a personal ad site than a hookup site

Doublelist is a classified site made specifically for dating, and it feels very different from the average dating site. There aren’t profiles to peep, but rather personal ads to respond to. 

In a lot of ways, it feels more organic than swiping through manicured and edited versions of someone. Plus, it cuts through all the nonsense and gets straight to the point. 

You’ll find yourself reading personal ads such as, “Cute princess looking for someone to play with tonight,” or other suggestive lines. Some posts include photos and others don’t. 


17. Hinge — Top Dating Site for Getting Serious-ish (7/10)


  • Works on mobile 

  • Members are not flakey

  • Modern

  • Plenty of people on 24/7


  • Some members are seeking serious daters

  • Long sign-up

Not sure what kind of hookup you want? Hinge will help you out. It’s a dating app that uses a swipe-based system to find you a casual or longer-term relationship. Hinge is not the hookup app for everyone, but it does a great job of introducing you to hot singles in your area. 

One thing that might prove frustrating is the fact that many people who use Hinge are looking for something on the serious side. This is made evident by the extensive profile set-up process and intense matching algorithm. If you’re set on keeping things light and low-key, you might get annoyed with Hinge. 


However, Hinge is a free hookup app with so many people that you’re bound to find someone who wants a one-time or no-strings-attached relationship. They also highlight people who they’d think you’d get along with and allow you to see people who have already liked you along with other matches.

18. R4R — Best Message Board to Meet Up (7/10)


  • 100 percent free dating site

  • Tons of traffic

  • Open-minded and accepting


You probably already spend a lot of time browsing Reddit. Most people do! It’s an amazing platform where you can freely discuss almost any topic with like-minded folks on the internet on threads called "subreddits." 


The R4R personals subreddit operates as an effective and free hookup site for anyone interested in a casual encounter. There are over 10K eyeballs on this subreddit on a daily basis.

It’s as easy as posting a brief sentence or two about yourself and what you’re looking for. Then, you wait for someone to respond or reach out to you. Reddit works, but not quickly enough for some. 

19. eHarmony — Best for Casual Encounters (7/10)


  • Advanced matching algorithm

  • Millions of members

  • User-friendly


  • Has a "vanilla" reputation

  • Might take a while to find a casual hookup

  • Tedious registration

While eHarmony doesn’t advertise itself as a pure hookup site, it’s not as vanilla as some people think. 


It’s important to know right off the bat that registering for the site is a tedious process. Also, there will be plenty of users looking for intense romance as opposed to a late Friday night booty call, but there are over 29 million members from the U.S. alone! You won’t have any issues meeting someone who would be excited to take you up on a casual low-key offer. 

eHarmony has been in the online dating game since 2000 and has maintained its status as a great adult dating website throughout the years. 

20. Fetlife — Fetish Hookup Site (7/10)


  • Fetishes and kinks celebrated

  • Open-minded

  • Sense of community


  • Crappy design

  • More of a community than a dating site


We’ll get this out of the way: Fetlife doesn’t have the sexiest website design in comparison to other hookup sites on this list. Its look predates anything we’d call modern, but the site is effective and really works! 

FetLife is a sexually liberated space where people can come to meet others who have similar fetishes to theirs. With an open-minded attitude, FetLife is welcoming to all sorts of kinks, fantasies, and fetishes. This is evident from the jump with the various gender and sexual orientation options you can select. You’ll also be asked about the role you play in your sexual relationships. There are nearly 80 options for you to browse through! 

Before it’s a dating site, FetLife is an online community of folks who are unashamed of their sexual desires. There’s no matching algorithm. But if you are seeking a hookup that caters to your kink, FetLife is a fantastic way to meet someone who fits the bill. 

21. Silver Singles — Best for Older Folks (7/10)


  • Great for older people 

  • Aesthetically nice platform

  • Very easy to navigate


  • Serious relationships encouraged

  • Detailed registration process

  • Slower than other sites

It’s no secret that people over 50 need to get some, too, right? That’s where Silver Singles comes in. We think 50 is a little young to be calling anyone "silver," but regardless, Silver Singles is a fantastic way for older people to meet for all different types of encounters and relationships. 

Someone who is a little older will likely appreciate the detailed questionnaire that they’ll be asked to fill out on Silver Singles. While in-depth and time-consuming, it’s used by the app to help foster friendships that would actually blossom into something more. 


Singles on the site can also specify just want they are hoping to get out of their time at Silver Singles, whether it’s a spontaneous fling or something more intense. The biggest con to Silver Singles is that it’s really expensive by comparison. We’re talking around 50 bucks a month, and that’s with an extended package. 

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And 5 honorable mentions for the best online hookup platforms...

1. Clover — Best for "Friends With Benefits" (7/10)

Clover is the perfect hookup website for someone looking for physical pleasure but doesn’t want to be hit up for late-night sex at 1 a.m.

It’s the Millennial dating app that operates quickly and works well in matching people who are attracted to each other and looking for a situation that’s closer to friends-with-benefits than a single night of ecstasy. 


2. Pure — Most Discreet (7/10)

If discretion and anonymity are your top priorities, then your search is over. Pure App is strictly for anonymous dating and flirting.

It’s designed for quick meetups between people who live in close proximity to each other. It also has an encrypted messenger and chats disappear after 24 hours.

3. Get It On — Best for One-Night-Stands (7/10)

Get It On’s goal is to link up people who are sexually compatible through a series of questions that aims to figure out who you are inside the bedroom. The survey that you’ll go through is short, sweet, and effective. It’ll only take you three minutes. 

4. Heated Affairs — Best for Affairs (7/10)

Heated Affairs is a controversial site where married or taken individuals can look for relations outside of a committed partnership. While the premise might be a huge turn-off to some, it doesn’t stop people from jumping at the opportunity to meet a hottie outside of their marriages. 

Everything you need to know about hookup sites...

Are there any 100 percent free hookup sites?

There are free hookup sites available to you on the web. However, free dating sites usually function a little differently than your paid premium site.

It’s more of a workaround than an absolutely free site. For instance, forum sites (like Reddit) or sites with personal ads (like Doublelist) are generally free for you to use and only require an email to sign up. These sites foster successful hookups all the time! 

Are free hookup sites good?

There are plenty of fantastic free hookup sites. Tinder is an example of a free hookup site where you really can enjoy a majority of the features before paying a cent. 

Can I use one to have sex tonight?

These platforms are designed with efficiency in mind. Though some sites are more for dating than they are for casual sex, there’s always a chance that you can meet someone the same night you sign up for the site. 

Keep in mind that no site guarantees that you’ll get laid if you use it. However, most people are online because they are feeling horny and would like some physical action. 

Do a ton of people use hookup sites?

Millions! Connection is part of the human experience. It’s no secret that people all over the globe are seeking that special attention from a stranger. 

How do I get laid on a hookup site?

We wish the answer was simple, but sadly, it’s not. This is going to come down to your ability to make it happen for yourself.

Think of the hookup site as your tool. If you use the tool correctly, you’ll strike gold. Here are some tips on how to get laid using an adult dating site: 

  • Be yourself

  • Put attractive photos on your profile

  • Be flirty

  • Avoid sounding creepy

  • Keep an open-mind

  • Let the flirting unfold naturally

Is casual sex good for me?

Casual sex is good for you if it’s something you want to do! Sex is certainly good for you for many physical and emotional reasons.

To stay on the up and up, it’s important to consider protection when you are having sex with multiple casual partners. 

Is it always supposed to be a one-time thing?

It’s meant to be played by ear. It might be a one-time thing, or it could be ongoing.

The best way to go about it is with an open heart. You might even find someone that you’d consider more than just a sex friend.

However, moving from hookup to girlfriend or boyfriend is really tricky. You will need to play the game a little by being a little aloof while still showing interest. 

Hookup Site Safety Tips

Are hookup sites safe?

These sites do everything in their power to keep you safe, but ultimately that is up to you. Also, you can read their disclosures and conditions pages to find out what kind of information you provide is being stored. 

How can I stay safe on a hookup site?

Avoid scams: Use your best judgment when speaking to strangers over the internet and using new sites. 

Look out for catfish: Before you meet up in person, it’s a good idea to check out the social media pages of the person you’re speaking with to dive a little deeper.

Don’t tell strangers on the internet important information: Protect yourself by keeping private information to yourself. 

Meet in public first: This one is really crucial. Meeting in public gives you the chance to get a feel for who you are speaking with.

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Elaine Edwards is a sex and relationships writer who focuses on non-traditional dating. Elaine is most interested in the wide and varied spectrum between monogamy and polyamory. Her writing is a space to share her thoughts and invite conversation.