The Odd Effect Selfies Have On Your Chances Of Falling In Love

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How Selfies In Online Dating Profiles Affect Your Chances Of Falling In Love On Apps Like Tinder, Bumble & Hinge

The numbers are in...

(*Singing*) It's the moooost wonderful tiiiime, of the year!

Well, almost. No, I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about another major holiday that brings us together in celebration of all that life has to offer — National Selfie Day!!

That's right, today being June 21 means you should be breaking out your smartphone, polishing off the lens, getting your filters primed, and figuring out your best angles, lighting and features, because it's time to celebrate you, your glorious face, and all those perfect selfies you take in the hopes of getting that perfect someone special to fall deeply in love with you via an updated online dating app profile pic!

But wait!

Before you post another self-captured image of yourself, say, looking like an adorably freckled dog, on your OKCupid profile or upload it to one of your favorite dating apps, be it Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or so on, the folks at Plenty of Fish gathered some interesting data about how different types of selfies affect the way people see you, and, as they say, "how a self-portrait can make or break your dating game."


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Believe it or not, there found some fascinating information about how selfies effect your online dating experience, and you probably want to check them out.

First, of course, you must relax. Yes, there are ways selfies can negatively impact your the effectiveness of your dating profile, but there are also a wealth of different ways selfies actually enhance your online dating experience.

Check out all this data from the experts at Plenty Of Fish!

Selfies For The Win:

  • 91% of singles have a selfie on their dating profile
  • 86% of singles are more likely to message someone who has a selfie on their dating app profile
  • 73% of singles believe selfies can be great conversation starters
  • 60% of singles believe a selfie on someone's dating profile shows they're confident!
  • 51% of singles do not use filters, believing their own face is strong enough on its own!
  • 53% of singles take anywhere from 2-5 shots to get the perfect selfie, so (somewhere around) the third time's the charm

I don't know about you, but these findings made me feel better about the wealth of selfies I have taken in the span of my relatively short life.

Show me someone who doesn't have a veritable graveyard of selfie outtakes on their phone, and I will you show you a liar.

Or, at the very least, I'll show you someone who is awesome at remembering to delete their pics AND empty their trash folder.

If you feel guilty about using a selfie as your profile pic, these findings should be super reassuring, since it turns out that most people do the same.

When you think about it, this information does makes a lot of sense. After all, it's not exactly the easiest or most comfortable thing in the world to ask a friend to take a photograph of you that you can use in order to find the man or woman of your dreams.


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Of course, even in the brightest days some dark must fall ...

In addition to uncovering all of these things that make selfies perfect to use in dating profiles, there are definitely some selfie sins people commit that could risk banishing you into the category of "totally undate-able", and at least one of them should not surprise you in the least.

Selfie Shame:

  • 67% of singles HAVE taken a bathroom selfie
  • The biggest selfie pet peeve (at 26%) is duck lips, followed by low image quality and a messy room in the background

Yuuuuuup, bathroom selfies.

Guys, there's just no reason to do it. Most smartphones these days can be set up in such a way — via timers, mounts, selfie sticks and the like — that you should be perfectly capable of taking the perfect shot with giving us any of that "I needed the mirror" nonsense.

Plus, if you're looking for privacy, there are roughly one million other locations where you can take a photograph that won't make potential partners feel a sudden need to go wash their hands.

I have to admit that I personally might actually believe that posing with a duck-lipped pout is a more unforgivable self-portrait crime than taking a bathroom selfie. After, we now live in an age when everyone knows what duck lips are, so there's literally no excuse to think you can get away with those sort of silly, and frankly, unflattering shenanigans.

To sum it all up, you won't find me or anyone else in the online dating sphere complaining about how so many people post selfies.

In fact, it looks more suspect if you don't have one anywhere on your dating profile!

So celebrate National Selfie Day with style, take some beautiful shots, and post them on your profile with lots of confidence ... and zero toilets and or duck lips.


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