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Tyrese Gibson Debuts New Girlfriend Just Months After Divorce Announcement – Meet Zelie Timothy

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Tyrese Gibson

Less than three months after announcing his split from Samantha Lee, Tyrese Gibson has a new lady in his life.

The singer and actor was spotted out over the weekend with Instagram model Zelie Timothy, and it looks like the relationship might be more than casual.

Gibson, 42, and his estranged wife, Samantha Lee, announced their decision to divorce after four years of marriage in late December 2020.

The exes share a two-year-old daughter named Soraya, and Tyrese has another daughter from his previous marriage to Norma Mitchell.

Just a few weeks ago, the famed singer seemed set on winning soon-to-be-ex-wife Samantha back.

In what seemed to many like a strange move for a man who'd just made a public announcement of his impending divorce, Gibson gave Samantha a surprising shout on Instagram.

Commenting on an anniversary post shared by gospel singer Kirk Franklin's wife Tammy, Gibson wrote, “Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!! Magic Magic and more magic... Dear Samantha this was supposed to be us…. remember the franklins was our marriage GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling smiling…….I’m gonna get her back watch me! [ I think ].”

Tyrese seems to now be giving up and moving on, as he recently shared a video of himself getting close to a new woman with his Instagram fans.

Who is Tyrese Gibson's new girlfriend Zelie Timothy?

Timothy, 26, is an Instagram model and influencer who works as a brand ambassador for a variety of companies.

Her Instagram account currently boasts an impressive 367,000 followers and counting. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts hair and makeup tutorials as well as personal vlogs and product reviews, though it hasn't been updated recently.

The link in her Instagram bio reveals she also runs an OnlyFans account.

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Timothy comes across as soft-spoken in her videos, conveying a hint of shyness while remaining confident and articulate. She is also an aspiring actress and has said that her ideal gig would be a role on the Netflix series "Good Girls."

The pair’s Instagram activity shows that they attended the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta together on Sunday, March 7, and later spent time at a local nightclub.

Tyrese posted two videos of himself and Zelie, along with captions referencing her ethnic background and astrological sign.

For her part, Zelie shared a video of herself and Tyrese getting cozy while he puffed on a hookah pipe.

“What’s understood does not need to be explained,” she captioned the video.

Zelie started her false eyelash company, The Lash Mansion, in 2019, and is extremely proud of the endeavor.

“This is BEYOND a dream come true,” Zelie wrote in the caption of a YouTube video about her business. “Everything that I wanted to happen is unfolding.”

Zelie is also a proud mom.

She even named one of Lash Mansion’s products after her eight-year-old daughter Za’riah, saying the Za’riah lash style is “super super super dear to my heart.”

Zelie was born in the Dominican Republic but currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she moved from Jacksonville, FL in late 2019.

Zelie says she does not speak Spanish but her daughter does.

Timothy's Sun sign is Leo.

Zelie was reportedly born in late July of 1995 and is a proud Leo, including the name and emoji for her zodiac sign in her Insta bio.

Common Leo traits include confidence, passion, and a love of being in the spotlight, all of which seem fitting.

Zelie recently shared a repost about the astrological sign in her Instagram stories.

“Everyone talks about how they love the attention and popularity,” the text read, “but forgets that Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is willpower and leadership. Leos are able to achieve whatever they want.”

Zelie, who is openly bisexual, recently discussed her sexual orientation and the subsequent double standards she deals with in the dating world during an interview with Southside Dash Radio.

“Ever since I was little I never really crushed on guys,” Zelie said. “It was mainly women... it’s just something about them I guess.”

At the time, Timothy said she was in a semi-open relationship with a man she'd moved with to Atlanta from Jacksonville. While she said he was comfortable being involved with women, the same did not hold true for other men, so we're guessing that couple's time together has come to an end.

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Zelie has been open about her experience with cosmetic surgery.

Zelie has been refreshingly candid about receiving a breast augmentation last year, which she documented on her YouTube channel in detail.

The influencer posted three separate videos on the subject over the course of her surgery, between late 2019 and early 2020, in hopes of helping others navigate the process.

“This is for the people that are thinking about getting it done or about to,” the vlogger wrote. “This is definitely a controversial subject to talk about on YouTube, but I would rather be 10000% honest with you guys and to share this amazing experience.”

In the videos, Zelie discusses her own decision-making and offers some helpful medical information.

Although Zelie’s connection to the singer comes on the heels of his separation from ex-wife Samantha, a source close to Tyrese told The Shade Room that the two are officially dating and have real feelings for one another.

The source claims Tyrese and Zelie have been spending a lot of time together, having fun and making each other laugh.

Although both halves of the couple recently left long-term relationships, the informant assured audiences that neither views their relationship as a rebound, noting Tyrese has accepted the end of his marriage to Samantha and is ready to move on.

Reactions to the new couple have been mixed.

Some social media users congratulated the pair, but others were skeptical, especially considering Tyrese's divorce isn't final yet.

“His wife deserves more respect than this,” one Instagram user commented on Tyrese’s post. “Even if they are separated I don’t agree she has to see this.”

“I feel super disappointed in him, as an individual, not an actor,” wrote another. “For goodness sake you don’t have to ‘be’ with somebody. Clearly he has issues fix yourself first.”

“No shade on (Zelie), she is young and beautiful,” the commenter clarified. “HE needs to fix HIMSELF.”

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