Who Is Tyrese Gibson's Wife? New Details On Samantha Lee And The Couple's New Baby

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Who Is Tyrese Gibson's Wife? New Details On Samantha Lee And The Couple's New Baby
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While we know who Tyrese Gibson is from his beautiful face, and career as an actor and singer, who is Tyrese Gibson's wife?

Gibson, known mononymously as Tyrese, appeared in television and movies like Baby Boy, Four Brothers, the Fast and the Furious series, and the Transformers films. He's sold millions of records and has released six solo albums, with one currently in the works.

And now, he's going to be a dad — again! On January 6th, Gibson posted a photo on his Instagram of him and his wife, Samantha Lee. But he had his hand on her pregnant belly!

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Here's everything we know about Samantha Lee, her relationship with Tyrese, and the amazing pregnancy news.

1. Who is Tyrese Gibson's wife? Samantha Lee is an accomplished social worker.

Lee fights for children and human trafficking victims, handling cases for the Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia. She is also an advocate for Project Safe Inc, according to her LinkedIn profile. Lee has built a successful career, living "comfortably on a hefty salary."

2. She's a New Jersey native.

Lee is originally from Dayton, New Jersey, and now lives in Athens, Georgia. She also changed her last name to Gibson after marrying her husband.

3. Lee has a Master's degree.

Lee earned her Master's in social work from the University of Georgia in 2015 after getting an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the school in 2012. So, not only is she gorgeous, but she's extremely intelligent too! And not only that, but she also received her certification in mixology and bartending from the Professional School of Atlanta in 2014. 

4. She changed her name.

Before her marriage to Gibson, Lee also went by the name Samantha Schwalenberg. While she still goes by Lee in public, she has taken her husband's last name.

The old name is used in Lee's LinkedIn profile, and also appears in a 2011 article from a University of Georgia school paper, which mentions Lee's participation in the school's Ms. Latin UGA pageant.

5. Lee and Gibson have been together since 2016.

Lee and Gibson met through mutual friends have been together since at least 2016. The couple was first photographed together at an Atlanta charity event in December of 2016, though Gibson later referred to Lee as his "future wife."

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6. The two tied the knot in 2017.

The two wed in a secret ceremony on Valentine's Day 2017. Gibson revealed the marriage in a now-deleted Instagram video, but did not disclose his new wife's identity until later. "TMZ actually got it right!" Gibson captioned an Instagram post after TMZ first reported on Lee's identity.

7. The couple already have one child together.

On October 1, 2018, Lee gave birth to their daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson. Tyrese took to Instagram to announce the birth, but not before he arranged a sexy maternity photo shoot with his wife in July 2018.

8. Lee's pregnant with their second child.

Tyrese made the announcement on his Instagram, captioning it, "I’ve learned a lot over the years with this layered special one! She’s never been sociable although she’s a licensed social worker [ LCSW ] she also loooooves to sleep... So if you’re going to walk her out of her deep sleep..... It better be worth it.... I got her to the yacht and the smiles and priceless moments were non-stop.... In 2020 we are committed to being intentional about JOY!!!!!!!!!"

In the photo, he's cradling Lee's baby bump while they enjoy their time on what looks to be a private yacht.

Lee also made a post on her own Instagram page, writing, "Blessed beyond measure. That is all. I love you, my bubby. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone & bringing out a woman I never knew existed within me."

Gibson will soon be a father of three, as he has a ten-year-old daughter, Shayla, from his first marraige to Norma Gibson. The two ended their marriage in 2009, but the former couple were entangled in a contentious custody battle after the actor's ex-wife accused Gibson of abuse

Fortunately, a judge ultimately denied the ex-wife's request for a permanent restraining order, granting Gibson 50/50 joint custody of his daughter back in November 2017.

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