Musician Bruce Springsteen Arrested On DWI Charge In New Jersey

Big yikes.

Bruce Springsteen at the 2019 'Western Stars' film premiere lev radin / Shutterstock

Days after appearing in an advertisement for Jeep in one of the year’s biggest events, Bruce Springsteen was arrested for reckless driving and DWI in his home state of New Jersey. 

The rock legend was caught last November in Sandy Hook, New Jersey at the Gateway National Recreation Area, said a spokesperson for the National Park Service.

According to the spokesperson, Springsteen was also charged with consuming alcohol in a closed area and reckless driving.


The arrest was first reported by TMZ on the morning of Feb. 10. “Springsteen was cooperative throughout the process,” the spokesperson said.

The 71-year-old musician was in the news recently for his Super Bowl commercial with Jeep.

It featured him giving a message about hope and inspiring Americans to unite in the political “middle” during a recent division in the country.

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When the news released of Springsteen’s arrest, many people wondered why this information is just now being released.

Fans speculated if it was because Jeep didn’t want to hurt their advertisement spot in the Super Bowl and face backlash. It doesn’t seem like it worked too well.

The news of the arrest divided Twitter users. Some used it as a way to make light-hearted jokes, others were upset the news came after the Super Bowl and not three months ago when it occurred, and some found it unsurprising.

Actor and comedian, Michael Rapaport, uploaded a video to Twitter expressing his confusion as to why “The Boss” was arrested.

“They arrested Bruce Springsteen in New Jersey! This is Sacrilegious,” Rapaport tweeted. “Would you arrest The Pope in Italy? Free The Boss!”


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What is a DWI and how bad is it?

A DWI is when one drives intoxicated or impaired.


Generally, a DWI is more severe than a DUI, because it shows that the intoxication levels were higher. A charge like this usually originates when a law enforcement officer believes one is too impaired to drive.

It seems as though this is the first charge and arrest for DWI for Springsteen, according to TMZ.

According to Insurify, a first-time offender may get a DWI downgraded to a DUI. Both offenses are serious and will result in both administrative and criminal charges. These circumstances vary by state and jurisdiction.

TMZ reported that Springsteen is to have a court appearance coming in the next few weeks.

A source close to the musician said that it is out of character for him to be drunk.


“Bruce grew up playing in bars. Yes he drinks, but he’s not a drunk nor is he an alcoholic,” the source said. “I’ve seen him at many private events with a drink in his hand, he drinks liquor, but I’ve never once seen him drunk.”

In 2012, Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist, Steven Van Zandt, spoke to Springsteen’s stamina on stage.

"He’s in good shape by not doing drugs. It’s something he doesn’t have to preach about. He’s a living example of what happens when you never do drugs your whole life,” Van Zandt said. "I mean, I’m sure he’s taken a drink or two a few times in his life, but he was never a drinker either.”


Springsteen said he avoided drugs and didn’t try alcohol until he was 22, partially because he saw how drinking affected his father, according to his 2016 autobiography “Born to Run.”

The rock legend’s arrest occurred about 15 miles from where he got his start as a musician, and it would be the same place that was later made famous with his debut album, “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.”

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