'90 Day Fiancé' Star Yazan Abu Horira Shows Off New Girlfriend On Instagram — Meet Lulu!

Yazan seems to have more in common with Lulu than he did with Brittany... is it too good to be true?

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90 Day Fiancé’s Yazan Abu Horira appears to be moving on from the tumultuous relationship the public witnessed on the show.

“I swear, I am happy now with my girlfriend,” Yazan said in an Instagram Live on December 16th, 2020. “I forget everything.”

“One of the greatest days of my life, and I hope my future stays bright and happy,” he said in a post last month, tagging Instagram user @ya_lulu7.


Who is Yazan Abu Horira's girlfriend, Lulu?

Read on for everything you need to know about the reality star's new boo.

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Yazan Abu Horira's past is a bit complicated.

Yazan Abu Horira first entered the public eye when he was featured on season two of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way with then-girlfriend, Brittany Banks. 

Brittany was living in Palm Beach, Florida, and planned to relocate to Yazan’s native country of Jordan in order to wed him.

However, conflicts over their clashing cultures quickly came between the two.

Yazan’s strictly Muslim family disapproved of Brittany’s party lifestyle and scantily clad social media posts. The couple also faced a language barrier and didn’t hire a translator until late in the show. 

Furthermore, Brittany hid an ongoing divorce from her new fiancé; and both parties accused the other of cheating, lying, and even stealing money.


The couple was confirmed to be over in mid-December, around the same time Yazan began hinting at a new relationship on his Instagram account.

The reality star used the hashtag “#lulu” and tagged an account with the username “@ya_lulu7.”

In an Instagram live appearance on December 16th, Yazan told audiences of the new relationship, “I am better now, I’m so happy.”

She’s Jordanian, like Yazan.

Yazan lives in Amman, Jordan, and according to his girlfriend’s social media, she is of similar heritage. 

The Instagram account tagged in Yazan’s posts is no longer visible, but it has been reported that Lulu’s bio included a Jordan flag alongside the words “Jordanian and proud.”


Lulu is also reportedly part of the Muslim religion.

She lives in America.

Yazan confirmed on Instagram Live that his new girlfriend “is American” and “living in America,” leading fans to speculate about a potential return to TLC's hit franchise.

The drama with Brittany is over … supposedly.

The television personality also claimed that he and Brittany had spoken the previous day and agreed to stop talking about each other.

“I don’t want to make more drama,” Yazan said.

Yazan and Lulu hope to be married.

Lulu’s now-deleted Instagram bio also included Yazan’s name beside a ring emoji, leading fans to wonder if the two might already be planning to tie the knot.


When Yazan shared a video clip on Instagram of him in a car, one fan asked about the rumors, commenting, “Are you able to post your wife? And congratulations on your marriage!”

“I am not married,” Yazan replied. He went on to explain, “We love each other and want to get married soon.”

She’s young.

Lulu’s face was apparently revealed by a 90 Day Fiancé fan account, and fans commented on her youthful appearance. 

“She looks like a high school girl,” one Instagram user wrote below the photo set. “Enjoy your child bride,” said another. 

Before the account vanished, Lulu told commenters that she was 21 years old, significantly younger than the now-27-year-old Brittany. She apparently also stated that she was studying to be a Doctor of Nursing Practice.


She’s MIA!

Lulu’s Instagram account was tagged in a few of Yazan’s posts, but has since been deactivated. 

The account vanished shortly after Yazan and Brittany appeared on 90 Days Bares All, leaving fans and media to speculate that Lulu is uncomfortable in the spotlight … or even that she might be fake!

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She might not exist.

Fans of the show have theorized that Yazan’s mentions of Lulu may be a ploy by Yazan to get Brittany’s attention or make her jealous, or an attempt to stay relevant in the media.

Lulu’s account only had one photo, which was of Yazan himself, and the single post on was bombarded with suspicious comments. 

“1000000% this is a fake account,” one user wrote. 

Another commented, “I hope you’re real. Yazan needs a good Muslim girl.”

The timing is also suspicious, as Yazan began to tease his new relationship shortly after a sponsored post on Brittany’s Instagram hinted that she might have a new man.

Yazan’s ex also revealed last month that she will star in another 90 Day Fiancé spinoff called The Single Life


“Hopefully I choose the right guy this time,” she remarked to followers.

Brittany also shaded Yazan in the show’s trailer, saying “My ex was just a liar from the start.”

So much for no more drama!


Fans have mixed feelings about the alleged new couple.

“Is lulu fake...no pic?” a fan questioned on one of Yazan’s Instagram posts, adding, “Or is this all for the show smh.”

Other fans had more agreeable comments on Yazan’s recent posts. 

Many congratulated him, saying things like, “Glad you have moved on,” and, “You deserve the best.”

One simply wrote, “Oh god that beard sexy as hell.”

Still more fans have expressed suspicion that the relationship hints are evidence of a new contract with TLC, and that Yazan and Lulu might appear on an upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé.

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