Married Texas Police Chief & Minister Busted By His Two Girlfriends On Facebook After They Figure Out They’re Dating Same Man


Jason Collier Stinnett Police Department

Sit down and buckle up, folks, because this story is truly a wild ride from start to finish.

A local Texas woman, who believed she was the only woman dating the newly-appointed police chief of the Stinnett, Texas Police Department, Jason Collier, was in shock after she discovered on Facebook that he had been seeing another woman at the same time.

To add to the shock value of the whole fiasco, Collier, who is also an ordained minister, is also reportedly married and has four children


The wild story unfolded on a Facebook photo of Cecily and Collier on her profile on Jan. 26.

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The photo was initially posted about a week prior to Cecily’s revelation about her partner; however, after a few people commented things like “beautiful couple” on the photo, Cecily revealed that things weren’t as “beautiful” as they seemed.


“Oh hey.... might want to make sure mutual friends don’t know your WIFE,” she commented on the pic. Collier is not tagged in the photo; however, after a quick Facebook search for his profile, it looks like he may have deactivated his account.

The comments continued to snowball from there, and Cecily claimed that he provided her with “fake annulment papers,” insinuating that he may have told her he was married but was getting divorced. 

Things got even messier after another one of his alleged girlfriends, Kristi, chimed in on the Facebook thread.

“Wow, weekend of the 16th. He told me he was in Lubbock helping his disabled brother,” Cecily wrote.


Kristi then went on to say that even though Collier told her he was “helping his brother,” he was actually helping her fix a broken window, and blamed it on his son. 

“Nope we were in wichita...he broke his window at my home and we went to get it fixed,” she wrote.

“Oh wow! He told ME that his son shut the door and broke the window,” Cecily wrote, to which Krist replied, “My son did!!!!! The glass is still in my front yard.”

Krist then dropped a bombshell in the comments, saying that she was actually his fiance. 

“No, I am the fiance since early December," she wrote, adding in another comment, "He actually begged me to pick out a ring so he could ask my Sad [sic] for my parents live in Idaho."


Cecily revealed that Collier also "couldn't wait" to ask her dad for her hand in marriage as well.

And if you thought the drama stopped there, then let me tell you: you are all sorts of wrong.

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Cecily pointed out that he had “conveniently” removed the part about being married with four kids from of his police chief announcement.

Cecily also revealed that he had broken things off with her after she started questioning him, writing, “When I started questioning him about more things today he turned it on me and said we aren’t compatible anymore because he doesn’t feel I have a relationship with God and don’t go to church.”

Kristi also revealed that she broke things off with Collier, and in the comments section of the post — which is up to nearly 500 comments at the time of this publication — another woman came forward with a similar story


“So, I’m one of his girls, apparently. We started talking about a month ago. He came to see me in Abilene the weekend of the 15th. Said he was on assignment last weekend in Oregon,” a woman named Katie wrote.

The women also posted more evidence of Collier’s lies, including videos he had sent to them, along with the rest of the lies he told the women. 

The Stinnett Police Department initially released a statement about the situation.

However, literally right in the middle of writing this article, the link to their Facebook page suddenly disappeared, as did the statement. We will update if the page becomes available again, or if another statement is issued. 

It looks like Jason Collier’s behavior has rightfully caught up to him, and we applaud the bravery of the women coming forward with their stories about him.


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