11 People Reveal The WORST Way They Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating

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We'd say men are dogs, but that's really oversimplifying it. A lot of guys cheat and while some will be kind of covert and shady about it, some do a really lousy job of hiding what's going on.

And whether it's a guy that is having steamy Facebook conversations with another girl, someone hooking up with an ex, or finding out that YOU are the other girl and there's a pregnant mama at home, these sad cheating stories are so shocking and insane that you may never trust your guy again. (Note, though: women cheat, too. We'd like to think we are a bit smarter though.)

Some of these sad cheating stories will blow your mind, like the woman who discovered her boyfriend was cheating because she tasted another woman's "juices" when going down on him. That's probably as bad as it gets. Well, we hope. Then again...

1. I tasted another girl's fluids.

"A friend of mine caught her boyfriend cheating because he had f*cked another girl and didn't take a shower. She went down to suck his dick later on that day and tasted p*ssy on it — not her p*ssy! I always thought that was epic."

2. He got another woman pregnant.

"I found out my boyfriend was cheating when his ex-girlfriend called to tell me there was an 18-year-old pregnant with his baby. Our son was about to turn one."

3. He got back with his ex... and didn't tell me!

"The worst way I found out an ex was cheating on me was when my long-distance college boyfriend suddenly stopped responding to my calls and texts. After 2 weeks of no response, his ex texted me and said they were back together and had been for months!"

4. He visited his mom's house with another woman.

"My boyfriend went to go visit his mom in South Carolina right after he graduated college. We had been long-distance for almost three years, and this was going to be a last little trip before he came back to NYC and we'd finally settle down together. For a while, I had a feeling he had been cheating on me with someone from his school, but one of our mutual friends told me she really didn't think this was the case. Well, while he was at his moms, I looked up that girl's profile on Facebook and she was posting pictures of them together in South Carolina. C'mon now."

5. My female co-worker and I were sleeping with the same man.

"I got a job at a big box store in college and began seeing one of the shift managers within the first week or two. It was technically a violation of corporate policy, so we had to be totally hush-hush about it, which made it feel kind of dangerous and sexy. After about six months of a serious relationship, I had a girls night with a few other co-workers who I'd become good friends with. One of them pulled me aside after everyone else left and told me that she was excited because she found out she was pregnant with twins! I congratulated her and asked for the scoop, since I didn't know she was even dating anyone at the time.

She got nervous and said that she was a little worried because she'd been seeing one of our co-workers on the down low and if it came out he could lose his job. I said, 'You can tell me! I've been dating one of our managers for MONTHS so I can keep a secret!' We laughed and she seemed so relieved to be able to talk to someone about it, so she gushed on and on about how sweet he was and how supportive he was being... until she told me that the father, and her future husband, was the guy I'd been sleeping with for half a year.

Then she asked me who I had been seeing. I told her the truth and we started lining up timelines and it was undeniable. So I said, 'I'm backing out of this. Forget this ever happened and good luck going forward with everything. I'm here for you if you need anything.' They fought like crazy about the cheating but ultimately married and had beautiful twin girls. I heard a couple years later that they were divorcing and he was moving in with another man in a more-than-friends capacity."

6. I caught my ex-husband cheating on me via Facebook.

"My ex and I were going through a rough patch. We didn't really argue, but we also really weren't involved in each other's lives. The vibe at home got so weird that I camped out at my sister's apartment for a few months. During those months I noticed on his Facebook that the same girl kept liking his posts. Fast forward to the week of his birthday. My sister had house guests and I had to return to my own apartment.

On the night of his birthday, he went out to dinner with his guy friends. I didn't have my laptop with me so I asked if I could use his and he said yes. I went on Facebook and saw that he had a message from that girl who kept liking his posts. I opened it and it was filled with lovey-dovey messages between them. The next day, I asked if I could borrow his phone since mine was out of battery, and I saw that he had secret email accounts on it! At first there was nothing in the inbox, but he didn't delete his trash or his sent emails. Everything was right there literally at my fingertips!

If you are going to use technology to communicate with someone outside of your relationship, make sure your significant other is much less tech savvy than you. What annoyed me was that he knows I have a big ego and I like to think I'm smart, so for him to make these elementary mistakes really irked me. At least give me a challenge, please!"

7. He was kissing his co-worker in plain sight.

"I took lunch to him at his work and found him kissing his co-worker!"

8. He cheated... with my sister!

"I had just left my husband and noticed that my sister would go stone silent whenever I talked about going back to him. There was always this running joke between the two of them throughout our marriage that he had married the wrong sister. On Christmas Eve my sister and I had gotten into an argument, and she said something about how my personality was one of the reasons why my marriage wasn't working out for me, and then said something that made me think she knew more about my marital problems than she was letting on.

I knew she kept a diary. So, while everyone was occupied, I slipped into her room and decided to read it. I found out that when my husband was in town and staying with the family while I was in another state, the two of them had decided to go out together. They had become intoxicated and became involved after that. She didn't go into detail after saying that they had kissed, but I knew then that my suspicions were correct. It's what made me feel assured that my marriage was definitely over, and there was no reason to try again. 

I decided to confront him with this knowledge. He blamed her. I confronted her. She blamed him. But in the process, I found out that not only did they know what had happened, but my sister had discussed the situation with my mom and they had decided not to tell me because they didn't want to start a problem beyond what had happened!"

9. I looked through his phone right before dinner with his family.

"I was in Miami with my long-distance boyfriend and his family for Valentine's Day. We had flown there on their private jet for a great weekend. Something felt off. Like, really off. And I did what you're never supposed to do and checked his phone while he was in the shower. It turns out he slept with someone else! So, there I am in Miami with his family with no way of hopping a flight back and we weren't scheduled to leave for 2 more days. And this was Valentine's Day. Right before dinner with his family."

10. I snooped while he was in the shower.

"Is there ever any good way to catch someone cheating? I started to notice calls and texts at weird hours asking to meet and he kept saying it was a friend from his old job who was going through something. Per usual he forgot to delete the calls out of his phone one day after she called 11 times in 30 minutes while we were driving to the Hamptons. When he was napping I checked his phone and took a photo of the call log. The next day the call log was deleted and then when he was in the shower a day later, I went through his email and found everything — and he still denied it!"

11. His other two girlfriends FaceTimed me together.

"My boyfriend was cheating on me with his ex-fiance AND ex-girlfriend. They found out about each other, then found out about me. He was going to break up with 2 of us to be with the ex-girlfriend. He called me to break up with me. Then he invited the ex-fiance over to break up with HER. In the middle of the breaking up with the ex-fiance, the ex-girlfriend showed up (planned with the ex-fiance) and they confronted him together. They then FaceTimed me to let me know what just went down.

I knew they existed, but not that they were dating my boyfriend. They weren't trying to hurt my feelings, they were trying to make sure I knew what had gone down. To this day, we're all friends. He, on the other hand, can rot in hell."