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Who Is Neon Revolt? QAnon Influencer Outed As Failed Screenwriter Robert Cornero Jr.

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Who Is Neon Revolt? QAnon Influencer Outed As Failed Screenwriter Robert Cornero Jr.

One of the most prominent QAnon influencers who goes by “Neon Revolt” has been unmasked, and his real name has been revealed to be Robert Cornero Jr. 

A failed screenwriter from New Jersey, Cornero Jr. has been identified as the major QAnon conspiracy theorist.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with QAnon, they are a far-right conspiracy group that has been repeatedly disproven and discredited.

They believe that Trump is under assault by Satan worshippers, and were among the most prominent members of the mob that stormed the Capitol.

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Robert Cornero Jr. was identified by researchers working for face-checking group Locally.

Who is Neon Revolt AKA Robert Cornero Jr.?

Born in Neptune City, New Jersey, Cornero moved to Studio City in California over a decade ago to pursue his career in screenwriting

In the midst of his screenwriting career, Cornero had even founded a website called Hacking Hollywood, where he offered services as a coach to other aspiring screenwriters. 

After a failed attempt to break into the business, Cornero eventually left California. 

He even posted in several forums a tirade of comments, voicing his anger and disgust with the film industry.


After returning to his childhood home, began his fascination with QAnon, which at that time was a much smaller group–and was only a month old at the time.

He soon started setting up his internet alter-ego, Neon Revolt, launching his blog, and quickly making a name for himself within the QAnon organization.

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In 2019, Cornero used his position and abundance of followers to raise money on a Crowdfunding platform to write a QAnon book. 

After raising $150,000 from the campaign, Cornero wrote and published a book called: Revolution Q: The Story of QAnon and the 2nd American Revolution — which notably, has been removed from Amazon and Barnes  & Noble — which he then proceeded to sell to QAnon supporters.

It has quickly become one of the most influential books within the QAnon organization.

Because of Cornero’s use of the QAnon name, and the fact that he knew the organization was a highly profitable venture, Cornero was dubbed the name of “paytriot,” an expression used to describe QAnon supporters who exploit the movement for personal financial gain.

Cornero’s position of power within the QAnon group was once again brought to attention when a hacker obtained a copy of an email server used by the owners of 8kun, a website where the anonymous creator of QAnon posts updates.

Emails shared between Cornero and site owner, Jim Watkins, proved that the two were in constant communication, though the subjects discussed in those emails weren’t released.

Cornero is also responsible for the QAnon presence at the Capitol riots.

On the morning before the insurrection, Cornero posted a series of now deleted blog posts, further spewing claims that the election was actually stolen from Donald Trump, claims that have been proven to be patently untrue.

It was kater revealed Cornero shared election fraud claims originated by Jim Watkins son, Ron Watkins, who is also a member within the QAnon community.

Since the reveal of Neon Revolt’s name, people have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

Actress Sophia Bush tweeted: “So too-insane-for-the-movies, made up stories on Q are ... the fantastical products of a failed screenwriter!?”

While another user responded saying: “That doesn’t surprise me at all.

It is unknown if any legal action will be taken against Cornero after his true identity was revealed.

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