Who Is Jon Ossoff’s Wife? Details On The Georgia Senate Candidate's Marriage To Alisha Kramer

The young couple is likely headed for the Senate.

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Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in the Georgia Senate run-off election is primed to take the seat of Republican Senator David Perdue.

Ossoff, 33, has already claimed victory in a “thank you” speech posted on his social media. Ossoff spoke from his Georgia home that he shares with his wife, Alisha Kramer. 

In the speech, he thanked his wife and praised her work in the healthcare system as he vowed to improve healthcare access to Georgians and stop the spread of COVID-19. 


Alisha Kramer, though essential in Ossoff’s campaign, is more than just a supportive wife. The accomplished medical student has dedicated her knowledge and expertise to educating 

Who is Jon Ossoff’s wife, Alisha Kramer?

Here are more details about Democratic Senator-to-be Jon Ossoff’s marriage and wife — and her vital role in his campaign

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Alisha was born and raised in Georgia.

Like her husband, Alisha was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Georgetown University in Washington D.C. alongside Jon. There she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology of Global Health in 2012. 

After her graduation, Alisha worked as a program manager and research assistant in global health policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Jon, meanwhile, graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

She is an OB-Gyn medical resident.

In 2014, she began pursuing her medical degree at Emory University.

During this time she also obtained MSc in health policy from the London School of Economics. 


As of 2021, Alisha is a medical resident. In his post-election speech, Ossoff praised Alisha’s work delivering babies in the Georgia hospital. 

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She played a key role in her husband’s campaign.

During her time at Georgetown, Alisha was a research assistant in an immunology facility.

In the past number of months, Alisha has lent her expertise to Ossoff’s campaign. 

Since March, she has been vocal on Twitter about the importance of social distancing as her husband continuously promised that a vote for him would mean minimizing the impacts of the pandemic. 

In October, Alisha and Jon co-hosted a Facebook live chat to address voter concerns about coronavirus. Alisha had tested positive for the virus in July so knew firsthand the severity of the virus. 


Ossoff adoringly introduced Alisha as “my favorite person in the whole world, my best friend, my wife, the amazing Doctor Alisha Kramer, OB/GYN, who is my hero and my role model and my guide.”

She and John are highschool sweethearts.

Alisha and Jon dated for 12 years before they became engaged in 2017. 

They attended the same high school, Paideia School, an independent private school in the Druid Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, and had been dating since their late teens. 


Alisha, who is a gynecologist, does not currently have any children with Jon. 

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