Everything To Know About Sergio Carrallo, Caroline Stanbury's Fiancé —Who's 18 Years Her Junior

Meet the sexy Spaniard!

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Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury has a new man in her life. 

The 44-year-old mother and ex-wife of Cem Habib is engaged to 26-year-old boyfriend Sergio Carrallo. 

The couple shared to social media news of their new relationship this past July — only six months before the official Instagram post of the split between Stanbury and Habib and their 17-year relationship.

Carallo and Stanbury both posted on Instagram to share to the world news of their trip to Saint-Tropez — and six months later, the pair is engaged. 


While on vacation in the Himalayas for the new year, Carrallo proposed while on a hiking trip with a beautiful lake and mountain scenery in the background. 

The former professional soccer player with Real Madrid seems pretty loved up as Stanberry has been the main attraction of his Instagram ever since they started dating. 


Who is Caroline Stanbury's fiancé, Sergio Carrallo?

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Stanbury and Carrallo prove you can fall in love after divorce in their short-but-very romantic relationship. 

Even though the 'Divorced Not Dead' podcaster is 18 years older than Carrallo, they provide age is just a number.


Sergio Carrallo is a retired soccer player from Madrid, Spain.

His full name is Sergio Joss Carrallo Pendas. He also has played for the New York Cosmos as well. 

He’s been playing soccer all his life.

In an interview, he said he has been playing soccer since he was five years old and knew he wanted to play in the premier leagues growing up.

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He’s interested in digital marketing and media and global communications.

He has a certificate in both digital marketing and media and global communications from the University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education and is a graduate from their Accelerated Certificate Programs, and has a Master’s degree. He now runs the wealth management company Venture. 

He’s lives in Dubai with Stanberry.

In the couple's first video together — which is the first video on Stanbury's Youtube channel — the couple says they wanted to create a dedicated channel that documents their new life. 

He met Stanberry in May 2019.

In their first Youtube video together, the couple shares that they met at an event Stanbury was hosting and the two must have hit it off because they started seeing each other in December 2019 and traveled all over the world togethe, including the Grand Canyon, Africa, Mauritius Island, South Africa, Barcelona, Madrid all before announcing in July they were officially coupled up.

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His family doesn’t approve of the relationship.

In an interview, Carrallo explained that his parents offered him whatever money he wanted to “give up” Caroline.

Stanbury added, “I think he thought I was a crazy old woman desperate to walk down the aisle with his young son or keep him as some kind of sex slave.

He loves Stanbury's children.

In the same interview, Carrallo explained he’s very much in love with Stanbury and Stanbury said he’s amazing with her kids and has so much energy. He said he loves her no matter how much work she’s gotten done to herself or how old she is. 


His father has worked in California for years.

Carrallo has been traveling to the U.S. for years ever since he was a child because his father lives in California and works in the tech industry. He has said his father worked for companies in Silicon Valley so he’s very familiar with Southern California. 

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