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Influencer Arielle Charnas Is Pregnant 6 Months After Miscarriage — Meet Her Husband, Brandon Charnas

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Arielle Charnas

Congratulations are in order for social media influencer Arielle Charnas and her husband, Brandon Charnas!

The fashionista took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news on Dec. 2, posting a pic of her baby bump silhouette with the caption, “And then there were three.”

The news comes just six months after Charnas revealed she suffered an ectopic pregnancy in June.

And throughout all the ups and downs, her husband, Brandon Charnas, has stood by her side through it all. While fashion lovers everywhere are familiar with Arielle Charnas, they might not know as much about her hubby.

Who is Arielle Charnas’ husband, Brandon Charnas?

Here’s everything you need to know about Brandon Charnas. 

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He’s a real estate agent.

Brandon Charnas is the co-founder of CURRENT Real Estate, which has offices in New York and Miami, and according to Charnas’ bio on their site, he’s been successful in the business for years.

“Prior to co-founding Current, Brandon started Warwick Capital Management in 2014 which has been responsible for more than $1 billion in commercial real estate transactions,” the website reads.

He has a law degree.

Brand Charnas is an educated man! Not only did he graduate magna cum laude at the University of Pennsylvania, he also has a law degree from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in New York City.

Brandon and Arielle Charnas’ wedding was picture-perfect.

Would you expect anything less when your spouse is a style influencer? 

The pair got married on Oct. 18, 2014, and their wedding had some seriously whimsical elements to it!

"There were peacocks wandering around during the ceremony, and then after we walked up the aisle, we turned the wrong way and had to go through the kitchen to get to cocktail hour!" she revealed in an interview shortly after their big day.

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Brandon Charnas is a dad already.

He and Arielle are already parents to two adorable kids: Ruby Lou (4) and Esme Rae (2).

He clearly loves being a dad, as he's always posting pics of himself and his two girls on Instagram.

He announced Arielle’s pregnancy in a creative way.

In a cute Instagram video featuring his kids and the magic of film editing, he revealed that the family is “adding another Avenger to their team.”

Arielle Charnas suffered a miscarriage this year.

The Something Navy blogger revealed the sad news in June, telling fans that she was expecting the couple’s third baby earlier this year, but suffered an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the loss of their baby:

"It's been a really difficult time for me. Especially after having two healthy pregnancies, this really just came out of nowhere and was the worst experience I've ever been through.  

I'm definitely going through an emotional roller coaster, but I truly believe in everything happening for a reason. I was in the hospital. That's why I was away from the kids for a week. But I'm okay. I'm grateful because I'm okay, I'm healthy, I have my two babies. And this just wasn't meant to be.”

She also opened up about her story in multiple posts on her blog.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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