31 Hilariously Relatable 'Scott Pilgrim' Quotes On Love & Life

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a 2010 cult film bringing the world of comics and video games to magical life.

Based off of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is about a 22-year-old wannabe rockstar who is just trying to find love after having his heart broken.

All the while, Scott goes through trials of having to battle the evil exes of his love interest, Ramona Flowers, the film's manic pixie dream girl.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World uses comedy and irony to convey messages about life and love in an accessible and relatable way, and there are many quippy Scott Pilgrim quotes and one-liners that will stick with you for ages. 

Read on for some hilariously relatable quotes about love and life from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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1. “Um, I guess...if we’re gonna date, you may have to defeat my seven evil exes.” Ramona Flowers

During the whole film, Scott and Ramona’s relationship is haunted by their romantic pasts. In an extreme way, this teaches us that in order for two people to be together they have to accept their own, and each other’s, emotional baggage.

2. “Oh. Then, why don’t you give me the CliffNotes on how, why you ended up dating this A-hole?” Scott Pilgrim

Each time Scott meets one of Ramona’s evil exes in battle, she shares a little bit of her past with him, which then allows Scott to find a weakness in his opponent and defeats them.

Through sharing with each other their emotional histories, instead of ignoring or running away from them, the couple is brought closer together.

3. “My last job is a long story filled with sighs.” Scott Pilgrim

Who hasn’t had a bad job?


4. “I mean, are you really happy, or are you really evil?” Kim

Kim tries to get Scott to see how creepy it is that he is dating a highschooler at the beginning of the movie — before he meets Ramona.

5. “Yeah. I don't know. I just, when I'm with you I feel like I'm on drugs. Not that I do drugs, unless you do, in which case I do drugs all the time, but...you make me feel...I don't know. Things seem a little brighter around you or something.” Scott Pilgrim

Love can make your whole perspective change.

6. “I think ‘act of God’ is a pretty decent excuse for a lousy date.” — Ramona Flowers

Her first date with Scott wasn’t going great, but they decided to just blame the snow.

7. “You know what really sucks though? Everything.” Scott Pilgrim

When Ramona disappears on him, Scott becomes despondent. Heartbreak can make you feel like the world is ending.


8. “I’d rather be dead than go back.” Ramona Flowers

Ramona had some toxic relationships in her past, it’s understandable why she keeps trying to run away from them. But her feelings are not something she should be hiding from her current partner, Scott. Her past is what brought her here to Canada and to Scott.

9. “If you want something bad, you have to fight for it. Step up your game.” Wallace

Nothing is ever just handed to you; you have to go after what you want.

10. “At least it will give us something to complain about.” Kim

Although none of them really want to go to this party, it feels like an obligation for 20-somethings to go out on weekend nights.

11. “You know what…*Scott jumps through the window* he just left.” Wallace

Some people try to avoid their problems at all costs.


12. “It might be a little awkward. But maybe it's the grown-up thing to do.” Ramona Flowers

The grown-up choice is often the harder option.

13. “We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!” Scott Pilgrim

Scott’s band is emblematic of what kids these days listen to in terms of underground music. In their young adulthood, the characters accurately depict the existential mindset of getting older.

14. “She has to go. She knows we suck.” Stephen

Ignorance is bliss, but it’s not honest.

15. “I gotta pee on her.” Scott Pilgrim

An imaginary wheel lands between “I gotta pee” and “Who, her?” when Ramona asks Scott about his ex-girlfriend, Knives. Be flustered can make you say stupid things.


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16. “Hi, I was thinking about asking you out, but then I realized how stupid that would be. So do you want to go out sometime?” Scott Pilgrim

Despite Scott’s intimidation and nervousness, he still asks Ramona out, and she says yes. You  just gotta shoot your shot.

17. “Scott, I don't have all the answers. I'd just like to live in the moment if I can.” Ramona Flowers

Sometimes future worries are just that, worries for not now.

18. “I play better in a bad mood.” Scott Pilgrim

Music provides an outlet to express the emotions we don’t want to talk about.


19. “You should talk to her before she's gone.” Kim

You have to take your chances while you have them.

20. “No break up is painless. Someone always gets hurt.” Ramona Flowers

Sometimes both people get hurt too.

21. “Time heals all wounds, little brother.” Stacey Pilgrim

Time can create distance allowing for new perspectives.

22. “I don't know what I'm like anymore.” — Ramona Flowers

Life can get so chaotic that sometimes you lose yourself.

23. “I don’t know...it’s just nice, you know? It’s just...simple.” Scott Pilgrim

Trying to justify why he was dating 17-year-old Knives Chau, Scott reveals his anguish over how hard being an adult and having adult relationships can be. He dates a 17-year-old because he wishes he was still 17. It’s still creepy, though.


24. “Even I would think twice about dating a 17-year-old.” Wallace

The movie begins with Scott dating a senior in high school, Knives Chau. His friends and sister continuously judge him for the age inappropriateness. Even though Scott is only a few years older, he, and no one in general, should not be dating a high schooler as an adult.

25. “You’re too good for him. Run.” Wallace

Wallace knows that Knives as the smart, young girl that she is doesn’t need to be going out with his emotionally damaged roommate who is much older than her.

Wallace is simultaneously telling Knives, and all young girls, not to be blinded by superficial ideas of coolness like older men and musicians.

26. “He only likes her because she’s old! She’s probably, like, 25!” Knives Chau

As hilarious as it is to think that 25 can be considered old, it is telling of Knives maturity and how inappropriate her relationship with Scott is. 


27. “You guys sound better without me. Young Neil, you’ve learned well. From this point forward, you will be known as...Neil.” Scott Pilgrim

Young Neil was always on the sidelines of their band. Although always a participant as a roadie and a replacement for Scott when he flakes on them, Young Neil was put down and not taken seriously for being a couple years younger than the rest of them.

Taking away the “Young” in front of Neil’s name is Scott’s way of showing that he respects and appreciates him.

28. “You’re not cool enough for Ramona. You’re zero. Nothing! Me, I’m what’s hip! I’m what’s happening! I’m blowing up right now!” Gideon

And then he literally blows up, defeated. Gideon’s power and money manipulate the characters into selling out their values and their happiness.


Gideon’s demise teaches us that authenticity and relationshipsboth platonic and romanticare what really matter.

29. “You can defeat me, but can you defeat...yourself?” Gideon

Scott had to fight his dark side before this war could finally be over. But we don’t see this fight, we just see the two of them leaving together chatting civilly.

Even your dark side is still a part of you and deserves your compassion.

30. “Scott earned the power of love!” Narration

Even after Ramona leaves Scott because things appeared to be too difficult, he still came back to free her from her evil ex, Gideon. He loves her and just wants her to be okay.


31. “Scott earned the power of self respect!” — Narration

After using his extra life, like in a video game, and Scott is once again faced with Gideon, he realizes that he isn’t necessarily fighting for Ramona, but for himself.

Gideon kicked Scott out of his band, he broke up Scott and Ramona too. Scott wants to fight Gideon because of all that he took from him.

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