Luann De Lesseps Sparks Romance Rumors With New Boyfriend Garth Wakeford — Who Is He?

The Countess has a love interest!

Luann de Lesseps Ron Adar / Shutterstock

Countess Luann de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York was recently spotted out with a new beau. 

She divorced her cheating ex husband Tom D’Agostino in 2017.

At the beginning of their marriage, D’Agostino was spotted kissed his ex-girlfriend, Missy Pool, at the Regency Hotel — yikes.

Now that LuAnn has been single for a few years, it seems she's ready for love again. 

Who is Luann de Lesseps's boyfriend, Garth Wakeford?

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Garth Wakeford is a personal trainer who founded Wakeford Wellness, his own personal training company.

He's originally from South Africa and got his degree in Kinesiology from Rhodes University.

Wakeford describes himself as, “an ex-professional athlete and army officer [with a] unique skill set managing the needs and expectations of my clients. [Wakeford] started training at LA PALESTRA in NYC in 2002 and has since dedicated [his] life to helping others achieve their most healthy and fulfilling lives.”



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Lesseps and Wakeford were spotted on a romantic lunch date.

Lesseps and Wakeford were spotted out getting lunch over Halloween weekend.


The couple went to the restaurant Tutti Di Giorno located in East Hampton, New York.

Lesseps rocked jeans and a grey leopard coat, while Wakeford perhaps dressed up as Back to the Future’s Marty McFly in jeans and red puffer vest.

After lunch, they took a ride in Wakeford’s convertible Mercedes.

Garth Wakeford is a dog lover. 

Wakeford has a dog named Cian.

He loves his dog so much that he brings her to every workout and encourages his clients to give her cuddles.

He even does workouts where he uses him as a weight and does lunges while holding him. 



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Who is Luann de Lesseps's ex-husband? 

Luann de Lesseps was previously married to Tom D’Agostino from December 31, 2016 to August 2017.


There were rumors going around that D’Agostino was cheating on Lesseps during their marriage, which LuAnn addressed at the RHONY reunion right before the couple split up.

Lesseps said, “I would definitely leave. I would. After I kill him. I’d kill him first and then I’d leave. You can push me so far but once you push me over the line…” 

Luann de Lesseps never announced if they split because of Tom's cheating rumors, but she did Take to twitter on August 3 to announce their divorce tweeting:

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Who is Luann de Lesseps's first husband? 

Lesseps was married to French aristocrat and entrepreneur Count Alexandre de Lesseps from 1993 to 2009.

They have two kids together, 26-year-old Victoria and 24-year-old Noel.

Although she divorced from Lesseps, she kept the title of Countess. Multiple housewives have stated that she and Alexandrea had an open marriage, but Luann has denied it.



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What is Luann de Lesseps's net worth? 

Luann de Lesseps net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

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