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Who Is Barbro Karlen? The Woman Who Claims She's Anne Frank Reincarnated

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Throughout the years, people have come forward claiming to be a popular historical figure's reincarnation. For example, there's a young boy whose family believes he's Princess Diana reincarnated.

Barbro Karlen is one of those people and claims to be Anne Frank reincarnate.

Born in Sweden in 1954, nine years after Anne Frank’s death, even at a very young age Karlen insisted that her name was Anne and knew that her “parents” were not her actual parents. At that time, no one in Karlen’s family knew who Anne Frank was or anything about her story; her family thought it was all a fantasy and went as far as to have Karlen evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Karlen reportedly started learning about Anne Frank in class one day when she was older and was very confused about how the teacher knew anything about Anne Frank. She had no idea that Anne Frank was someone famous that other people knew about until this time; all she knew was that she was Anne Frank.

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Karlen wrote a book called And the Wolves Howled about her experiences and life. She and Anne share many similar qualities such as their love of nature, literary skills, and writing themes. Karlen even has fears that relate to Anne Frank’s experiences, such as a fear of uniformed men and showers. They also have similar features such as dark hair

Karlen's family believes her.

Though Frank and Karlen share many similar qualities, such as being child writing proteges and having very similar features, it wasn’t until later on a family trip to Amsterdam that people started to believe Karlen.

On a family trip to visit the Anne Frank house, Karlen knew things she shouldn’t have.

She knew her way to the house and how far away the house was from where they were. She even knew where pictures on the walls were meant to be that had been taken down temporarily.

After this trip, her family began to come around to the idea that their daughter truly was the reincarnation of Anne Frank.

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Anne Frank's cousin Buddy Elias met Karlen.

Karlen eventually even met Anne Frank’s cousin, Buddy Elias. He was extremely skeptical of the whole thing and set up a meeting with Karlen without informing of his connection to Anne Frank.

When they met, they embraced each other and cried. They described it as an instant connection and from then on, Elias was convinced Karlen was his cousin.

Aura and face reader Rose Rosetree believes Karlen's story.

Rosetree read Karlen's aura and compared it to that of Frank's. 

"Barbro Karlen’s aura has shocked me," she writes. "Evidently Barbro Karlen has access to information and insights about herself as a soul that are quite unrelated to this particular incarnation. Basically, she can behave as if this lifetime is the only one that matters. Yet she has built-in awareness of more than this lifetime, which informs her everyday experience (even on a physical level)."

Rosetree's conclusion is that Karlen "is here to testify, to communicate, maybe to resolve unfinished business about world-famous Anne Frank.

So, what do you think? Is Barbro Karlen really Anne Frank reincarnated? And if not, how did she know all about Anne Frank and her life? So many questions!

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