Why These Parents Are Convinced Their 4-Year-Old Son Is Princess Diana Reincarnated

Is Lady Di's spirit in a toddler's body?

Why These Parents Are Convinced Their 4-Year-Old Son Is Princess Diana Reincarnated neftali / shutterstock.com

In 2019, Daily Mail reported that Australian TV host David Campbell believes his four-year-old son Billy is Princess Diana reincarnated.

This story went public when David told Stellar magazine that Billy was two-years-old when he first identified as Princess Diana and is making the rounds again thanks to a viral TikTok that refers to the story.

According to David, his wife Lisa received a card with Princess Diana's photograph on it. Billy, at age two, said,  "Look! It's me when I was a princess," as he pointed at the photograph.


At first, David thought his son was just fooling around, but then he started making true claims about the Princess's life that an ordinary two-year-old wouldn't typically make. 

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Then when he was three-years-old, Billy kept saying he was Diana and talked about the sons she had when she was alive. 

A little while later, his parents were left speechless as he described the Royal family's Balmoral residence to the family's Scottish friends with accuracy. Billy even described the castle that Princess Diana frequently visited to be covered in unicorns, the national symbol of Scotland. At just four years old, he should not have known this, therefore shocking everyone. 

His parents even asked him who else was he related to when he was a princess and he said "I have brothers and sisters. I have a brother called John." Billy's parents conducted research and were shocked to find that Princess Diana actually had a brother named John, who died a year before she was born. 

Billy had one day stopped and pointed at her photograph and said, "Then one day the sirens came and I wasn't a princess anymore," referring to the tragic fatal car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, which resulted in her death. 


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Peter Williams, An Australian psychic, agrees that Billy could very well be the reincarnated Princess Diana because Billy can tell things from the Princess's death that the public does not know. 

Williams told Daily Mail, 'What usually happens when we have these instances of reincarnation, there is usually a reason for it and something leftover," and "Billy will be able to give clarity and recall memories [from his time as Princess Diana]. It is very much in the realm [of possibility] that he could recall memories of the crash."


Williams also said, "There's usually a level of trauma where they wish to come through and explain. With Princess Diana, it could very well be that." 

Interestingly, Williams believes that the reincarnation could have been prompted by Diana's sons, Prince William and Harry, both having children. He believes that she may want to connect with her grandchildren. 

Williams thinks that because children are more open, innocent, and susceptible to the spiritual world, this is why Billy is able to access her memories. But he also warns that Billy should be cautious as he moves forward. It's very important for Billy to not be asked any leading questions because he doesn't want anyone to influence Billy's answers. 

Williams said, "A child's mind is easily led. You can't tell them what you're looking for. It is going to be so hard now to get this information without contaminating it, or without having a sense of bias or leading their son into this."


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Williams believes that the window that children who are reincarnations can see the memories of their past lives is small, between ages four and six, so they only have a short period before they start to lose the memories of their past lives. 

The psychic concluded, "'This four-year-old has no doubt in his mind he is Princess Diana, so the information that's going to come through will be absolutely bang on. Children do believe, they don't question and that's why they're so pure."

So, for a child who has no knowledge of Princess Diana or the royal monarchy of England, the question is, how does he know this information?


Is Billy really channeling the Princess's spirit as a way to connect to her grandchildren? 

There are so many unanswered questions that are unexplainable.  

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