Sofia Richie Sparks Dating Rumors With Matthew Morton — Who Is He?

Meet Matthew Morton, a King of Matcha!

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Sofia Richie is an actress and model who was recently dating Scott Disick. However, just a few days after Disick was in the news for having a dinner date with model Megan Black Irwin, Sofia stepped out with a new man of her own.

She was spotted with Matthew Morton at celebrity hot spot in Malibu last Saturday. But what do we know about Sofia Richie's new boo?

Who is Sofia Richie's boyfriend, Matthew Morton?

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Matthew Morton comes from a long line of businessmen. His father, Peter Morton, was the founder of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise. “My family has been in food and beverage now for 4 generations," Morton said. 

Morton was born in Los Angeles but made an East Coast move to NYC for school. He attended New York University for four years where he majored in business management and minored in art history. 

What doe Matthew Morton do for a living?

Matthew Morton is the co-founder of Cha Cha Matcha, an eatery that specializes in matcha beverages and desserts. The bakery/restaurant has a variety of matcha creations from ice cream to lattes to donuts and they're located on both coasts: New York and Los Angeles.


The fast-growing start-up was founded in 2015 with Morton's business partner Conrad Sandelman when the two were fresh out of college. The duo talked about how the idea came to them:

“We became best friends in college and did everything together. We were addicted to Red Bull and needed it to study and party. We never liked coffee or identified with cafe culture. One day on the way to the gym we stopped and got a matcha and immediately fell in love with it, so we decided to marry that with cafe culture," Morton said of their idea to start the chain.



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What is Matthew Morton's age?

Matthew Morton's birthdate isn't public information, but he's reported to be 27 years old as of 2020.


What is Sofia Richie's age?

Sofia Richie is 22 years old and a Virgo born on August 24, 1998.

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How did Matthew Morton and Sofia Richie meet?

It's not entirely clear how the two officially met, but they were spotted on a dinner date at Nobu in Malibu on October 17.


A source close to Sofia revealed that Morton is exactly the kind of man she needs right now. “He’s ambitious, intelligent and has got his s–t together. Sofia finds him inspiring — and what she likes about him is that despite coming from the Hard Rock dynasty, he’s totally unaffected.”

Morton and Richie follow each other on Instagram. 



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Sofia Richie was most recently linked to Scott Disick.

Scott Disick is Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy and most of us know him from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


The couple broke up in August after three years together and the official reason for the break was because the two were no longer on the same page. His Instagram is mostly dedicated to his three kids. 

Is Matthew Morton active on social media?

Matthew Morton keeps his personal Instagram private, but you can test your luck with being accepted by sending him a follow request. His business's Instagram, however, is public — with particularly eye-pleasing photos that make us hungry. 



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What are Matthew Morton's hobbies beside matcha?

In an interview, Matthew revealed that he's passionate about far more than just the food and beverage industry.


"I’ve always been passionate about art, film, music, and literature." He also said a part of him wishes he went to school for architecture and design instead of going onto the business route. Luckily, he has still plenty of time to pursue both!

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