Did Sophia Richie Get A Boob Job? Check Out These Before/After Photos

Rumor has it she's added a cup size or two.

Did Sophia Richie Get A Boob Job? Check Out These Before/After Photos Getty Images

Scott Disick reportedly gave girlfriend Sofia Richie breast implants for her 20th birthday! But are the rumors true? Did Sofia Richie get a boob job?

Following her birthday in 2018, the then-newly 20-year old stepped out in a black crop top, sporting seemingly larger breasts than before. Rumor had it that Richie may have had breast enlargement surgery in light of her boyfriend's baby mama being single and back on the market.


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When the pair first began dating in 2017, rumors spread that she was trying to replicate the style of Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian. 

The mysterious person behind the blog Crazy Days and Nights, which has a reputation for breaking celebrity gossip before it hits the papers, wrote that Disick may have gifted her implants so she would look more like his ex.


"This A-list reality star made his much younger celebrity girlfriend get a breast enlargement so they would be the same size as his ex. While she was healing though, he refused to see her until the swelling went down because he didn't want those images in his head," the blind item reads.

It was eventually revealed to be about Richie, Disick, and Kardashian.

Richie celebrated her birthday in Mexico with Disick and had looked a lot bustier since her return. 



A post shared by Sofia Richie (@sofiarichie) on Sep 1, 2019 at 7:37pm PDT

Hollywood Life spoke to Dr. Daniel Barrett, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, about his thoughts on the brunette beauty's new figure.


“It definitely does look like Sofia Richie had a breast augmentation based on her latest photos, compared with those from her past,” he said. “She has very likely undergone a breast augmentation and with what looks like a rounded silicone implant. Her upper projection and cleavage is a dead giveaway. At 20 years old it’s extremely unlikely this would have been a growth spurt of any sort. The sizing, positioning and shaping is very much in line with what an implant result looks like.” 

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The young girlfriend of Lord Disick (as he calls himself), may have been worried that Kardashian was trying to rekindle the romance since she was no longer dating Younes Bendjima.

“Sofia is madly in love with Scott and she fears Kourtney will never get over him,” a source close to Richie said. “Sofia does not believe for one minute that Kourtney does not want to get back together with Scott which makes her very uncomfortable. Sofia sees how Kourtney looks at Scott and is well-aware of how much they still talk which makes it hard for Sofia to feel secure with Kourtney always around.”


One can only wonder if her apparent boob job was an attempt to keep Disick from daydreaming of the mother of his three kids. “Sofia sees how sexy Kourtney looks and now that she is single again, Sofia is afraid of what Kourtney may try to do with Scott," the insider added.​

However, this could all have just been a rumor, since it was speculated in December 2019 that Kardashian and Bendjima may have reconciled

But Richie sparked rumors again after she posted a bikini photo to her Instagram. Fans still seemed to think that she had gotten work done.


One user commented, "those implants look decent but you didn't need any work, please stop." Another added, "Having money can buy you this body." Yet another wrote, "Who's ya surgeon."

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