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Rob Riggle's Wife Tiffany Riggle Files For Divorce — Who Is She?

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Rob Riggle

Robert Allen Riggle Jr. is an American actor, comedian, a former US Marine officer, and an Aries born on April 21, 1970. He's best known for being a correspondent on The Daily Show, as well as for his performances in The Hangover and 21 Jump Street.

He was a PrimeTime Emmy Awards nominee in 2012 for his work on the Christmas-themed TV short Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice.  He's also in the news again because his wife, Tiffany Riggle, just filed for divorce.

Who is Rob Riggle's wife, Tiffany Riggle?

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Who is Tiffany Riggle?

Tiffany Riggle is the founder of design firm Tickled Crow. She used to work as a fashion buyer for Manhattan department stores like Saks Fifth and Bloomingdales. When asked in an interview if she ever thought she would head down the design path, she replied with, "I grew up in Kansas and did not in any way expect to be a designer."

Tiffany also spoke about how she attended woodshop classes and her blueprints were on display outside her principal's office while in high school. She reminisced, "I look back and think, why didn’t my sweet little 14-year-old self pursue that?"

She majored in science during her college years before becoming a New York buyer. Tiffany has appeared in videos for Sotheby's Homes and on the show Working the Room and today she works as an interior designer.


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When did Rob and Tiffany Riggle get married?

The couple married in 2000 and have two kids together. They've been married for 21 years after meeting through mutual friends. Apparently, Riggle and a friend of his were out for a drink and his friend decided to bring along her friend (Tiffany).

Rob said in an interview about meeting his wife, “I was so impressed, then I got nervous and squirrely. But I got her laughing and that’s all that mattered." 

What is Tiffany Riggle's age?

Tiffany Riggle is a very private person, so her age is unknown at this time. 


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What is Rob Riggle's age?

Rob Riggle is 50 years old as of April of this year. 

Rob Riggle children — how many does he have?

Tiffany and Rob had two children together. They have a daughter, Abigail who's 16, and a son, George who is 12. Tiffany filed for joint custody in her divorce papers. 

We bet you've heard of some of Rob Riggle's movie.s

Rob Riggle has over 100 credits in acting alone on his IMDb. However, some notable movies he has starred in are The Other Guys, The Dumb and Dumber franchise, Night School, The Lorax, Let's Be Cops, and most recently, Midnight Sun.

What is Rob Riggle's net worth?

Rob Riggle's net worth as of 2020 is roughly $10 million though after his divorce is finalized, that's subject to change. 

Is Rob Riggle still married?

Rob and Tiffany are still legally married, though they're currently proceeding with a divorce so it's likely that status will change.

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