7 Trendiest Fall Nail Art Ideas

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A change in season means a change in trends and the perfect time to switch up your nail look. These seven trendy fall nail art ideas will have you receiving tons of compliments and likes.

Our nails are one of the first things people notice about us (so keep them in tip-top shape!) and one of the main things we can use to show off our creative personalities! Whether you like to keep things basic or bold, nails are the perfect accessory to any look.

You can be playful with what shape you choose or switch things up with a fun design.

The nail shapes that are currently most popular are almond, coffin, and natural. Yes, natural! Skip the expensive acrylics or dip nails and spruce up your natural nails because they're totally in style!

Bold show-stopping colors and creative designs are also on trend this season. Regardless of what shape or color you choose, this year’s fall nail looks are trendier than ever and are sure to get you in the spirit for sweater weather.

Fall Nail Art Ideas

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Grab your pumpkin spiced latte, your favorite fall-inspired mask, and head to the nail salon to try one of the trendiest fall nail art ideas.

1. Tortoise nails


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We often love this pattern on glasses and jewelry, but why not add it to your nails too? This look is classic and will give your nails a sophisticated but playful vibe.

If you’re still working in person and want to look professional while still showing off your fun style, this look is totally for you. The deep browns and oranges in the tortoise nails capture the essence of fall.

Want to avoid paying for a pricey manicure? Achieve this look on a budget by using nail stickers! Tortoise nails look great on every nail shape and everyone.

2. Black or colorful tips


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This look is a fall twist on the classic French manicure.

If your favorite part of fall is Halloween and spooky season, try going for a black tip to keep things edgy. If you’re more into the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves, try an orange or yellow tip to keep things vibrant.

This look works best on almond or coffin-shaped nails and looks great on all lengths. Paint your ring fingernail a solid color on each hand to break things up for an even more dynamic look.

3. Ombre color gradient nails


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Regardless of what time of year it is, we always struggle to pick a nail color. Luckily, this fall you don’t have to stick to just one! 

Pick your favorite neutral or bold color and paint your nails each a different variation of it. Start with the darkest shade and work your way down to the lightest to get a fall colored ombre effect.  

This look works best on natural nails and is perfect for the girl who can never seem to stop biting!

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4. Orange nails


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Nothing screams fall quite like the color orange. Everything from our lattes to our pumpkins is a beautiful shade of orange to remind us fall is in the air. This vibrant color looks amazing on any nail shape and is suitable for long or short nails.

If bright orange is too loud and isn't your thing, go for a burnt orange or rust shade to keep things toned down. Since this is a single color look, you can skip the salon and give yourself the perfect mani/pedi from the comfort of your own home.

5. Color duo nails


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Color duo nails are the perfect fall nail trend for all of the indecisive girls out there. If you can never pick a color, this look is for you.

Choose your two favorite fall colors and paint them side by side on one nail. This look works best on longer nails but looks great on any nail shape. Now you’ve got the best of both worlds and a trendy fall nail look.

6. Dark green nails


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This look is my personal favorite due to the rich color of dark green nails. This look is perfect for classy but bold and daring nails. Dark green nails look professional enough for the workplace but will also give just the right amount of edge.

This look works for any length nails and any shape but is especially fitting for natural nails. Fortunately, this is another look that is easy to achieve from home as it just one color.

7. Single line nails


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Minimalist looks are so a thing right now and single line nails are the perfect accessory to go with it.

This look usually features a neutral color as the base and a fun, simple line painted in any direction and in any color on top. The most popular line colors to use are red, black, and metallic gold. You can keep this look matte or make it shine with a glossy topcoat.

These nails work with all shapes and lengths but are especially perfect for the girl who has short nails but still wants a design.

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