50 Scary-Cool Halloween Nail Art Ideas

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Cool Halloween Nail Art

By Nikki Brown

It’s never a bad time to switch up your nail art; especially when Halloween is on the horizon and you need a mani to complement whatever costume you’re dreaming up. Though we rarely object to standard fall-friendly colors like yellow, brown and orange, this holiday calls for bold, bright and, dare we say, outrageous nail art. Maybe you want to go the more traditional path with cobwebs, pumpkins and skeletons.

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Or perhaps you want to step outside the box with neon shades and glitter accents. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of inspiration to go around. From dark and sexy stilettos to nude-toned naturals, here are 50 Halloween nail art ideas that have racked up plenty of likes on Instagram.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas nail art

Because Halloween isn't complete without some Jack Skellington.

2. Frankenstein nail art

Why not match your nails to go with your costume?

3. Gothic nail art

Give your nails a little extra something this Hallows Eve with these impressive gothic designs. 

4. Day of the Dead nail art

These rounded tips and Day Of The Dead nail art designs are literally to die for (pun intended).

5. Subtle matte black nail art

Add some spookiness to your nails with these incredible looking blood drips.

6. Spooky Halloween nail art

We see you admiring our awesome Halloween nail art. No, we really do. We have eyes in the back of our heads and on our nails. 

7. Intricate skull nail art

These nails glow in the dark. Need we say more?

8. Pink Halloween nail art

If these aren't the most boss Halloween nails you've ever seen, we're going to have to say pictures or it didn't happen.

9. Spiderweb nail art

That drip though.

10. Pointy purple nails

Nothing quite says Halloween is coming like some extra pointy nail tips.

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11. Scarecrow nail art

These scarecrow nails are too adorable.

12. Cute Halloween nail art

These super cute designs prove that you don't have to go with dark colors to get into the Halloween spirit. 

13. Spiderweb nail art

Black nails with cobwebs - classic, but still beautiful.

14. Eyeball nail art

Want to mix up your usual black Halloween nails? Throw in some googly eyes.

15. Black-and-white stripes

You can't go wrong with these black and white showstoppers. 

16. Simple orange spider nail art

Do you want Halloween nails that are simplistic? Then, these ones are absolutely perfect.

17. Purple and orange nail art

Orange and purple? We're feeling it. 

18. Spider nail art

These nails are so realistic that they'll be sure to get some spooks out of people this holiday.

19. Candy corn nail art

These candy corn nails are making us crave all the Halloween candy.

20. SCREAM nail art

How creative are these? It might look like normal laundry, but take a closer look and it's anything but.

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21. Autumn color nail art

You'll be wanting to wear these gorgeous autumn colors all October long.

22. Subtle nail art

This is when your nails are just casually letting everyone know when it's one of the best holidays of the year.

23. Busy Halloween nail art

Each nail has a little something different going on. Now that's what we call some serious commitment.

24. Witchy nail art

If you're tired of all the witch costumes, then don't dress up as one this year. Instead, stir the pot a little this Halloween and have your nails wear the iconic costume.

25. Ghost nail art

Ghosts are never the wrong answer when it comes to all things Halloween - especially with these adorable nail designs.

26. Bat nail art

Halloween colors? Check. Cute bats? Check. Halloween nails on point? Double check.

27. Cat nail art

Is there anything cuter than these Halloween cat nails? That's a no.

28. Red-and-black ombre nail art

Ombre nails aren't easy to achieve, but the payoff is definitely worth it.

29. Black cat nail art

Black cat nail tips? Yas, queen.

30. Maleficent nail art

Purple nails with a special appearance by boss lady Maleficent. These are what Halloween dreams are made of.

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31. Gold decal nail art

This orange and gold combination couldn't be more fitting for the fall season.

32. Wizard of Oz nail art

These Wizard Of Oz inspired nails are so epic.

33. Orange nail art

Spice up orange nails with some glitter.

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34. Ursula nail art

When your nails are this legendary, a costume just isn't even necessary.

35. Halloween photo nail art

The tiny Halloween designs on these nails are anything but boring.

36. Subtle pink Halloween-inspired nail art

We see that subtle nod to Halloween and we're loving it.

37. Halloween nail art for long nails

You may as well skip the costume, girl. Your nails are stealing the show, anyway.

38. Bright Halloween nail art

This nail art is so Halloween-appropriate that it has us wishing Halloween would come sooner.

39. Pastel Halloween nail art

These pretty pastel nails put a quirky spin on Halloween nail art.

40. Stitches nail art

This different twist on Frankenstein nails is giving us so many Halloween feels.

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41. Sparkly purple ghost Halloween nail art

Glitter and ghosts look pretty good together, especially when paired with this lovely lavender nail polish. 

42. Crime scene nail art

Being a fan of CSI is not required for you to rock these nails on All Hallows Eve.

43. Houndstooth nail art

These hounds tooth nails are chic, beautiful, and are sure to be the talk of everyone's Halloween parties.

44. Green spider nail art

The electric lime green really makes nails stand out, even on a night like Halloween.

45. Sparkly brown nail polish

Although this doesn't look like it could be Halloween nails, you might want to wait until you hear the name of this dazzling color. Does the Wolfman's Fur strike any ghoulish thoughts in you?

46. Victorian nail art

We're running to the salon to get these unique, intricate nails right now.

47. Witch nail art

The designs on these nails are pretty much next level.

48. Snake nail art

This connecting snake design is making us crave the spookiest night of the year even more.

50. Skull nail art

These nails are so gorgeous, they might just outdo every costume at the party.

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