40 Best Chrome Nail Ideas

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chrome nail ideas

If you're all about summer colors in the winter and winter colors in the summer, have you ever considered chrome nails and colors all year round?

Chromatic colors are changing the game when it comes to nail wear. If you're dressing up your acrylics or your own nails, we are convinced chrome is for everyone.

Sharp, pointy, stubby, or long, no matter the nail, we have something for you to try and take back home to your nail artist this holiday season.

So, start scrolling and bring on all the nail ideas and inspiration of your dreams! You'll find French tips, reversed moons, and even solid chrome colors you can pick up at a store near you.

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1. Paralyzed Pink

 Photo: Ulta

If you were going for the perfect pink chrome nails, these would 100 percent be it. Living for the pink and gold undertones.

Where to buy: Ulta, $7.39

2. Sleek

 Photo: Ulta

Make your chrome nails go with every outfit in your wardrobe. If you're looking to make any color nail polish into chrome nails, then this base and top gel chrome polish from Ulta is perfect to create lots of different colored chrome nails. 

Where to buy: Ulta, $10.99

3. Winter Dreams

 Photo: SallyBeauty

This nail color is oddly satisfying to look at, don't you agree? This blue tone is perfect for the winter snow days to come!

Where to buy: SallyBeauty, $13.19

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4. Rose Gold

 Photo: Ulta 

As if our phone and jewelry weren't enough, it's time to add some rose gold nails to the picture.

Where to buy: Ulta, $9

5. Coachella nails

 Photo: Ulta

These nails could literally bring you back in time. This psychedelic chrome is giving us Coachella vibes.

Where to buy: Ulta, $9.99

6. White on White

 Photo: Walmart

Everyone loves a good white nail, but these chrome whites take everything up to the next level. If you're wanting to recreate this look, you can snag a similar chrome white from OPI.

Where to buy: Walmart, $6.80

7. Matte and Metallic

 Photo: Etsy

Tone down your nails while kicking it up a notch. Try doing only a couple of nails with a nice chrome color and then offset with a black or other matching shade!

Where to buy: Etsy, $8.99

8. Angled Metallic

 Photo Etsy

This look may be difficult to create at home (if you can, let us know), so bring this picture into your nail lady for an expert-level nail look!

Where to buy: Etsy, $8.36

9. Chromatic Tips

 Photo: DashingDiva

If you're looking to create this chrome tip look, Wet n Wild makes a gorgeous shade perfect for your chrome nails on a budget.

Where to buy: DashingDiva, $9

10. Wicked Vibes

 Photo: Etsy

Can Halloween please be twice a year? We need an excuse to wear these nails for the next spooky Halloween party.

Where to buy: Etsy, $6.85

11. Christmas Miracle

 Photo: Walmart

Welcome old Saint Nick by rocking these nails to your holiday party. Both jolly and festive! Ho Ho Ho!

Where to buy: Walmart, $15.75

12. Fab and Fierce

 Photo: Walmart 

These nails are so fabulous and the rings just take it over the top. You know when your jewelry matches your nails it's going to be a good day!

Where to buy: Walmart, $6.94

13. Embellished Nails

 Photo: Ulta

To create this look or a similar one, you can snag any holographic nail polish color (coffin nails not included.)

Where to buy: Ulta, $10.99

14. Lavender Daze

 Photo: Ulta

If you're looking to spice up the already perfect lavender tones, you can paint just one nail chrome for a little pop!

Where to buy: Ulta, $3.59

15. Subtle Soft Pink

 Photo: Ulta

This chrome pink is so soft you had to do a double-take to see if it was just shiny or chrome.

Where to buy: Ulta, $9

16. Charcoal Gray

 Photo: SallyBeauty

These charcoal nails are a literal mood. This is a great color to mix up if you're tired of the usual black and deep maroon tones.

Where to buy: SallyBeauty, $10.99

17. Navy Nails

 Photo: Etsy

These elegant nails look absolutely stunning with the shade alone. To take the look over the top, the added glitter moon crest around the cuticle takes this chrome nail look out of this world!

Where to buy: Etsy, $8.99

18. Chrome striping tape nails

 Photo: Walmart

With Chrome striping tape, you can create the most unique nail art and designs on your nails including fishnets, grids, and geometric lines and stripes. 

Where to buy: Walmart, $10.59

19. Frozen

 Photo: Etsy

If Elsa was real and had nails, they would be these. From icicle nails to the bright blue chrome, we know Elsa wouldn't want to let these nails go!

Where to buy: Etsy, $25

20. Light Lavender 

 Photo: Amazon

Did anyone else know that NARS makes nail polish? Well, if you didn't, here is the perfect shade if you're wanting to copy this look.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

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21. Ombré

 Photo: Etsy

The chrome ombré fade is actually incredible, especially this rainbow unicorn chrome ombre. Wishing our nails could look like this every day.

Where to buy: Etsy, $9.89

22. Natural and Gold

 Photo: Etsy

These powdered ombre acrylics show the natural nail while giving a lovely gold to the tip at the end.

Where to buy: Etsy, $35

23. Emerald Green 

 Photo: Walmart 

How often do you see emerald green nails? Now, how often do you see emerald green chrome nails? We bet you'll be the talk of the town in a shade like this.

Where to buy: Walmart, $8.20

24. Blue Da-Ba-Dee

 Photo: SallyBeauty

So many shades of blue, it's hard to choose our favorite! The blue multicolored chrome and sparkle add so much character and we are here for it.

Where to buy: SallyBeauty, $8.19

25. Pastel Chrome Rainbow Nails 

 Photo: Walmart

Pastel nails have been all the rage this past year and in 2022, we bring you, pastel chrome nails. These nails are so beautiful and the color is perfect for springtime. 

Where to buy: Walmart, $23.65

26. Studded Event

 Photo: Walmart

As if chrome wasn't forward enough, this look says "never enough" by adding mini diamonds to the nails.

Where to buy: Walmart, $8.36

27. Abstract

 Photo: Etsy

We love how the abstract nail art is simple which helps bring the chromatic colors to life.

Where to buy: Etsy, $25

28. Peacock

 Photo: Etsy

Okay, these peacock-themed and coordinating nails are adorable. Perfect for the prom or a wedding!

Where to buy: Etsy, $42

29. 3D

 Photo: Amazon

These nails are almost three-dimensional. Can we get some 3D glasses over here?

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

30. Pearly Ombre Nails

 Photo: Walmart

These pearly ombre chrome nails have us swooning. The color is perfect for any time of year and they will reflect beautifully in the light.

Where to buy: Walmart, $9.10

31. Perfect Pair

 Photo: Amazon

There is no better pair than a deep blue and gold. These accents are astonishing and compliment the stones perfectly.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

32. Legally Pink

 Photo: Ulta

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!

Where to buy: Ulta, $9.99

33. Holographic pink

 Photo: Etsy

A splash of pink in your nails is sometimes the best for something a little more natural, and if you want a more natural-looking chrome, this light pink holographic chrome is perfect. 

Where to buy: Etsy, $8.54

34. White Marble

 Photo: Etsy

We love that the biggest come-up of trends in nails is marble and had a collaboration with the above (yet necessary) look!

Where to buy: Zazzle, $21.20

35. Black Chrome

 Photo: SallyBeauty

This black chrome polish gives off so many more colors than just black. This color has us thinking these nails are purple.

Where to buy: SallyBeauty, $2.99

36. The Little Nail Mermaid

 Photo: Etsy

Look at this nail, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think your nail dreams are complete?!

Where to buy: Etsy, $9.11

37. Boy vs. Girl

 Photo: Amazon

These nails scream gender reveal party! Loving the rivaling colors on opposing nails.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

38. Gold Holographic

 Photo: Ulta

Get red-carpet-ready with this beautiful color of gold holographic nail polish. 

Where to buy: Ulta, $9.99

39. Holographic tips

 Photo: Etsy

Be minimalistic and add just the right amount of color and life to your nails with some chromatic colored tips. This look is so edgy and fun!

Where to buy: Etsy, $6.50

40. Star Dust

 Photo: Walmart

These nails will make your nails as bright as a star. Now, how do we do this on our own nails?

Where to buy: Walmart, $14.97

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