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Scary Details About Nadia Marcinkova, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Victim-Turned-Accomplice

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Scary Details About Nadia Marcinkova, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Victim-Turned-Accomplice

The Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case has been making headlines since the mid-2000s, and even after his death, more and more information is coming out about who was involved with Epstein, who his accomplices were, and other gritty details about his alleged trafficking of underage girls. It’s well-known that Epstein had a private jet called the Lolita Express that would fly to his private island, which was located just southeast of the Saint Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands, and now, we’re learning more about one of his victims-turned-procurers after new photos of Nadia Marcinkova and Jeffrey Epstein recently surfaced.

Nadia Marcinkova was Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victim-turned-accomplice. 

Nadia Marcinkova is one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims. Epstein reportedly “purchased” Nadia Marcinkova from her family when she was just 15 years old and often referred to her as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.” Nadia’s family has denied the allegations that she was purchased by Epstein. 

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Nadia is said to have spent years by Epstein’s side; first as a victim, then as a procurer for underage girls for Epstein years later. 

After Epstein’s death, Nadia’s lawyers, Erica T. Dubno and Aaron Mysliwiec, spoke out about her involvement with the disgraced pedophile, saying, “Like other victims, Nadia Marcinko is and has been severely traumatized. She needs time to process and make sense of what she has been through before she is able to speak out."

How is Nadia Marcinkova involved with Jeffrey Epstein?

Multiple victims have named Marcinkova as an Epstein accomplice to Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly pressured underage girls to participate in sexual acts with herself and each other while Epstein watched and masturbated. 

It has also been reported that Epstein and Marcinkova had a different kind of relationship, and she visited him upwards of sixty times while he was in jail in 2008.

“They’re very close,” a source said while Epstein was in prison for soliciting sex from a minor. “She went mostly on weekends. I guess you can call her his ‘squeeze.’ Prison officials said the visits were monitored and there was ‘no alone time.’”

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“Nadia and Jeffrey seemed to really love each other. It was as if they had a romantic relationship,” the source added. “They were affectionate to each other, often holding hands.”

Marcinkova’s lawyers, however, deny her involvement in procuring and grooming underage girls for Epstein, saying, “Nadia wishes to express her compassion and support for her fellow survivors who also fell prey to Jeffrey Epstein’s predatory abusive behavior.”

Is Nadia Marcinkova married?

As of right now, it doesn’t look like Nadia Marcinkova is married or involved with anyone. 

Where is Nadia Marcinkova now?

Nadia Marcinkova, who is in her mid-30s, lives in New York, and now goes by Nadia Marcinko, is a model-turned-pilot who founded her own company called Aviloop.

“When Nadia was ready for longer runways, she became an aerobatic pilot, licensed flight instructor, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), rated on multiple Gulfstream and Boeing aircraft,” her website reads. “During her career in aviation, Nadia developed a thorough understanding of the industry and its demands. Since 2011 she has been sharing her expertise through her consulting work at Aviloop.”  

According to her LinkedIn profile, Nadia has all the usual social media accounts — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 

However, all of her accounts are currently suspended, which raises some interesting questions. Does Nadia not want anyone prying into her personal life and her past because of the new accusations in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking ring? Is she hiding something, or does she not want to be found?

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