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Anthony Davis's Girlfriend, Marlen P. Is A Bit Of A Mystery

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Who Is Anthony Davis's Girlfriend? Marlen P. Is A Bit Of Mystery

Anthony Davis is currently an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He started out playing professional basketball in Louisiana with the New Orleans Pelicans (then known as the New Orleans Hornets). When he was traded to play in LA, he uprooted his life hopping onto the next flight out. Davis also had the opportunity to play in the 2012 Summer Olympics before heading to LA to be a Laker.

He's also back in the spotlight because he's one of the athletes starring in the new Disney+ series Becoming. which is a docuseries featuring life stories of athletes, actors, and entertainers. (Other featured stars include Ashley Tisdale, Julianne Hough, and Nick Kroll.) Chicago-born Davis is a great ball player with millions of fans around the world, so it's only natural fans want to know more about his personal life. However, Davis keeps his love life excruciatingly private but here's what we could dig up on his longtime girlfriend, Marlen P.

Who is Anthony Davis's girlfriend, Marlen P.?

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Who is Marlen P.?

Marlen P. is a brunette with a bone structure that'll cut through steel. Her date of birth and place of birth is unknown, though she's potentially in her twenties. Her nationality may be Dominican Republic since she sports the nation's flag in her Instagram bio.

What does Marlen P. do?

It's not clear what Marlen P. does for a living, but we do know she moved with Davis to LA in the summer of 2019. 


Highest in the room!

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Is Marlen P. religious?

It's unsure which religion she identifies with, but she looks to be religious or spiritual. In her Instagram bio, she writes "God above all" which can be a significant sign that she does believe and most likely practices a religion. 

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Marlen P. and Anthony Davis have a daughter.

Though they are not married, the couple have a child together. Marlen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Nala in 2018. 

Is Anthony Davis married?

Anthony Davis may be popping the question to the mother of his child. They already live in a mansion in Bel Air close to The Staples Center. The couple has a baby and live together; next step may be marriage, especially since Davis is known to be a family first kind-of guy — a sentiment that's also clear in his episode of Becoming. "No matter what I do or what I have, I know my family’s not going to change; they’re always going to be there for me. Even when we fuss and fight, I know I can always count on them,” Davis said. It's unclear if the couple is already engaged.

Is Marlen P. active on social media?

Yes, she is. The NBA Player's girlfriend has 54 posts, follows 799 people, and holds 2,939 followers on her Instagram profile. If you want to insta-stalk her, you may run into some problems. Marlen keeps an extremely low profile, and her account is set to private. But you can shoot your shot (basketball pun!) at being accepted here.

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