Amber Ruffin Has A New Late-Night Talk Show! Meet Her Husband Jan Schiltmeijer

Meet Jan Schiltmeijer!

Who Is Amber Ruffin’s Husband? Fun Facts About Jan Schiltmeijer Lev Radin / Shutterstock

Comedian and writer Amber Ruffin landed her own half-hour late-night talk show on Peacock called The Amber Ruffin Show, which is slated to premiere in Sept 2020. Ruffin currently serves as a writer on Late Night with Seth Meyers and will simultaneously work on Seth’s show and her own. “I’m not leaving the show!” she said. “I’m gonna do both: Late Night and The Amber Ruffin Show and it’s gonna be great!” And while we’re eager to learn more about Amber Ruffin’s new talk show, we’re also curious about her life outside of the writer’s room and who she’s married to. 


Who is Amber Ruffin’s husband, Jan Schiltmeijer?

Jan Schiltmeijer was born in Haarlem, Holland and grew up in Amsterdam. He attended the Junior Academy for Art Direction, where he studied — you guessed it — art direction, and worked in the field for about two years after completing his courses. After his stint in art direction, he became a full-time painter in 2004.

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His medium is acrylic on canvas, and the pieces he paints are nothing short of amazing. On his website, he showcases his beautiful celebrity portrait paintings, including those of Walter White from Breaking Bad, C3P0 from the Star Wars movies, Marilyn Monroe, Nina Simone, Samuel L. Jackson, and more.

He also paints still life portraits of everyday objects, like Jelly beans and bottles of Ajax, but puts his own spin on his paintings.



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When did Amber Ruffin and Jan Schiltmeijer get married?

Amber Ruffin and Jan Schiltmeijer met while she was living in Amsterdam working with Boom Chicago, which is an international creative group that writes and performs sketch comedy and improv. Amber and Jan got married in 2010. 


Do Amber Ruffin and Jan Schiltmeijer have kids?

Amber Ruffin and Jan Schiltmeijer do not have any kids.

He loves boxing.

One scroll through Jan’s Instagram profile will show you that he absolutely loves boxing, as he posts pics of memorable matches on his timeline quite often. He also likes to box in his spare time and train with his close friends and family.



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He’s involved in politics.

It’s kind of hard to ignore politics, especially in today’s political and societal climate — and when your wife is one of the writers for a late-night talk show that regularly comments on the Trump administration. 

“Yesterday, my Dutch husband was like ‘Trump can’t do that. It’s illegal to turn your own country’s military against its people.’ And I’m still laughing,” Amber tweeted on June 2. 


Amber Ruffin wrote about their interracial marriage.

Amber penned an important essay about what it’s like being in an interracial marriage in America, and how Jan is unfortunately becoming more accustomed to the way Black women and POC are treated in this country.

“I’ve had to teach Jan that when we’re together, he has to move through the world as I do,” she wrote. “Once, when he was yelling at a guy about something in the street, I said: ‘If you’re by yourself and you want to yell at someone, I don’t care. But you cannot do that with me around, because if the police show up, you’ll be fine, but I’m going to jail.’”

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