Duggar Courtship Alert: Who Is Justin Duggar's Girlfriend, Claire Spivey? (PS: He's Only 17!)

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Who Is Justin Duggar's Girlfriend, Claire Spivey?
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Justin Samuel Duggar is one of nineteen children from TLC's Counting On. He is the fourteenth child in the Duggar family. It appears this famous adorable little brother is growing up. Now dating Claire Spivey, his identity in the public eye is no longer limited to his family drama but rather, who he's dating! Claire Spivey, that's who.

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Who is Justin Duggar's girlfriend, Claire Spivey?

Claire Spivey is a family friend of the Duggars. The two met at a family conference, but their families have known each other before they were even born.

Spivey is nineteen years old. Justin Duggar is seventeen, making them two years apart. 

The Duggar family publicly congratulated the couple.

On September 21st, 2020, the official Duggar family Instagram account posted about Justin's relationship status. "Congratulations on your relationship, Justin and Claire!" they wrote. "When Justin couldn’t stop talking about what a great girl Claire was, we knew it was only a matter of time before he would make it official! We are excited for them as they follow the Lord and find out what He has in store for their lives during this courtship! We have loved getting to know Claire and her family better over the last year, and we think the world of them!"

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Unfortunately, arguments broke out in the comments between fans — and haters. Some claimed the age difference between the two to be a little unsettling. It's true that Justin is the youngest Duggar family member to ever enter a "courtship."

Others rushed to the family's defense, suggesting that they mind their own business. Jessa Seewald, one of Duggar's older sisters, expressed her encouragement. "So happy for y'all!" she wrote.

Justin Duggar referred to his relationship with Spivey as a "courtship."

“Claire [Spivey] and I are excited to share that we are in a courtship,” Justin Duggar announced. “God brought Claire in my life and I wasn’t really expecting it, but he brought her along right when I needed her. Ever since then, I just knew that she was the one. Claire has a lot of good qualities and I can sit here and tell you all of them, but there are so many good things that I see in her. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.”

Courtships are the exact opposite of a casual relationship. To court someone is to date them with a purpose. The arrangement implies that an engagement is on the horizon. With a marriage to follow, obviously.


What are the Duggar courtship rules?

The Duggar family has a strict set of "courtship guidelines" for the children to follow. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe sex before marriage is a bad idea. But it's not just sex that's off limits for the Duggars. Hand holding and kissing is prohibited until after the "I Dos."

It's highly unlikely that Spivey and Duggar will decide to disobey these traditional "requests.The rules, according to Jim Bob and Michelle, will strengthen relationships, not wreck them. 

Justin and Claire's families have known each other for a while.

Apparently, the Duggars and the Spiveys go way back. However, it's clear by the Duggar family Instagram post, that the families have become closer this past year. 

"Something I really admire in Justin is how serious-minded he is," Spivey said, "but his ability to have fun and to see the bright side of things no matter what. He always looks for the best in people and I want to be more like him every day."

The couple has refused to let Covid-19 put a strain on their relationship.

They've had a glass half full mindset, rather than glass half empty. “Even though we can’t go out to eat all the time or maybe go bowling or something," he explained, "I think there are other ways.” It's always refreshing to see fortunate people make the most of their situation, rather than listening to them complain about things that pale in comparison to the actual suffering." 

Duggar did, however, report that as soon as the whole "coronavirus thing is over" he wants to introduce Spivey to the family.

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