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Everything To Know About Emmy Presenter Randall Park's Wife, Actress Jae W. Suh

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Who Is Randall Park's Wife? Everything To Know About Jae W. Suh

This year, the Emmys are going to look a little different than they have in years past when they air on Sunday night, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel — mostly because the ceremony is going virtual — but awards are still being presented, and actor Randall Park is on the list of celebs who will be handing out an Emmy from the comfort of his home. But if he was walking the red carpet this year, Park's wife would likely be right beside him, especially since she's an actress herself.

Park is best known for his roles in Fresh Off The Boat, Always Be My Maybe, and, of course, as Asian Jim in The Office, but what about his wife and her career?

Who is Randall Park's wife, Jae W. Suh?

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When were Randall Park and Jae W. Suh married?

Park and Suh have been married 11 years as of August 2020, and it still seems like they're living happily ever after. Suh is often seen cheering on her husband's accomplishments on social media, and though Park has deleted his Instagram account, he was known for sharing his life and relationship (including their milestone anniversaries) with his fans there as well. 

Who is Jae W. Suh?

Much like Park, Suh is all about acting. She's best known for her role in the Netflix series Friends From College, but she's also appeared in The Big Short, Adam Ruins Everything, and played Joyce Wong in two episodes of Mindy Kaling's Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, which debuted on the platform earlier this year.

Who are Randall Park's kids?


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Park and Suh are proud parents to their daughter, Ruby, who was born in 2012 — and just like her parents, she's already dipped her toes in the showbiz industry. She appeared in Park's web series, Baby Mentalist, along with both of her parents. Now that she's eight years old, there's no telling if this is something she'll choose to pursue when she's older, but the web series is pretty adorable.

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Suh has opened up about what it means to be an Asian-American actress.

In an interview, Suh talked about her journey to becoming an actress as a Korean-American woman and the fact that it was a challenge to get cast as there were fewer roles available to her because of her race.

"When I first moved to LA, it wasn’t too difficult to get representation as there were fewer Asian American actors, but there were also fewer opportunities so it’s a double-edged sword," she said. "I have a theory that the reason ethnic actors age slower is because it takes us twice as long to make it."

She believes being in the same industry as her husband is one of the best parts of their marriage.

While talking to NBC News in 2017, Suh acknowledged that many people advise actors against dating other actors, but in her case, it just so happens to have worked out

“I know a lot of actors who would say they would never marry an actor, or anyone in the business,” she said at the time. “But I feel for us, it’s definitely one of the strengths: just understanding what we go through emotionally, the travel we have to do, and what we have to do to maintain our relationship.”

Suh frequently posts about her life with Park on Instagram.

Though much of Suh's social media presence does happen to be dedicated to her career, the rest of it is all about her husband. She doesn't tend to gush about their relationship publicly, but seeing the photos of the two of them together shows how much they mean to each other, and who knows? Maybe she'll appear on the screen during the Emmys too when it's Park's turn to present. 

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