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Is Offset Gay? Rumors About Rapper's Sexuality Explode On Twitter Following Cardi B Divorce

Is Offset Gay? Rumors About The Rapper's Sexuality Explode On Twitter Following Cardi B Divorce

In the wake of the news that Offset and Cardi B are officially divorcing, fans are trying to put all the rumors together without much insight from either of the rappers themselves and so far, that's led to a lot of fuel for the rumor mill — including speculation about Offset's sexuality. On Twitter, some fans have been sharing why they think Offset might actually be interested in men, and although there aren't many theories about this particular rumor out there, it's definitely something some people are talking about. 

Is Offset gay?

Or is there a different reason why he and Cardi have finally decided to go their separate ways after years of a turbulent relationship? Here's what we know about these rumors.

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Cardi B filed for divorce from Offset earlier this week. 

On Tuesday, Cardi filed for divorce in Fulton County, Georgia, after three years of marriage to Offset (and one baby). In the file, she claimed that there were "no prospects of reconciliation" for their relationship, though in the court documents, she didn't expand on the reason for their split. The former couple is expected to appear in court in November for a hearing related to the proceedings.

Tweets claim Offset is gay due to tweets that he supposedly shared.

After the news of their divorce broke, fans on Twitter shared screenshots of tweets that came from Offset's account last December, where he wrote messages like "I'm gay y'all" and "I lick ass cheeks," sharing the theory that Cardi wanted a divorce because Offset is gay. The tweets came during a time that Offset claimed his Twitter account (along with his email and other social media accounts) had been hacked, and said that he had not been the one who had shared those messages. 

When Offset has publicly cheated on Cardi, it has been with women. 

The major issue in Offset and Cardi's relationship has been infidelity, and of all the reports that have come out about his cheating, they have been about women, not men. In fact, recent reports have claimed that Offset has been sexting and hooking up with women throughout their entire marriage, and that while Cardi tried to keep their marriage together for their two-year-old daughter, Kulture, she had reportedly finally had enough — hence the divorce. 

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There doesn't seem to be any other evidence that Offset has ever been interested in men. 

Aside from the tweets, which may or may not have even been sent by Offset himself, there is no other evidence out there that points to Offset being gay. If he is interested in men at all, it's something that he's kept under wraps and behind closed doors until now, and if those tweets were, in fact, sent by him last year, that's the only time he's ever let it slip. 

Offset has also been called out for homophobia in the past. 


A post shared by OFFSET (@offsetyrn) on Jan 18, 2018 at 7:14am PST

Not only has Offset never truly been found to have been in a relationship with a man, but he has been called out for homophobia in his lyrics. In his verse on YFN Lucci's song "Boss Life," Offset raps, “I do not vibe with queers / I got the heart of a bear / I bust ‘em down by the pair.” These lines drew backlash when the song was released in 2018, and Offset apologized for the lyics, explaining that he supported the gay community and that by "queer" he meant "strange," not "gay." 

“I didn’t write the line about gay people. I have said before since these issues before that I got love for all people. My passion for fashion has lead me to a lot of gay people around me who I have mad respect for and we are very cool so I’m not in a place where I’m hating like that," he wrote in a post on Instagram, adding, “I saw this definition about her having a queer feeling she was being watched and it fit what I was thinking about a stalker creepy paparazzi situation. To me that ‘queer’ I don’t mean someone who’s gay. I mean lame people who film you, post it and stalk you. Lingo that means strange or odd.”

Is Offset gay? 

Of course, the only person who can truly answer that question is Offset — and in the end, it's only his business what his sexual preference is. But at this point, with the information we currently have, it doesn't seem that Offset is interested in men, nor does him potentially being gay seem to have weighed into his divorce from Cardi.

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