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Newlywed Alert! Meet Cody Gifford's New Wife, Actress Erika Brown

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Who Is Cody Gifford's Wife? Meet Erika Brown, Who Just Married Kathie Lee Gifford's Son

Over the weekend, Kathie Lee Gifford's family got just a little bit bigger! Gifford's son, Cody, married girlfriend Erika Brown in what looked like an absolutely gorgeous ceremony, and the couple seems so happy to be spending the rest of their lives together. But while Cody is best known for being the legendary talk show personality's son, what about his new wife? 

Who is Cody Gifford's wife, Erika Brown?

Here's what to know about Erika Brown — and the sweet relationship she already has with her brand new mother-in-law.

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Cody Gifford married Erika Brown over Labor Day weekend.

Gifford's new wife shared a photo of her and her new husband on their wedding day on Instagram, simply captioning it, "Happily ever after." According to a source close to the family, their wedding was small, and "just parents and siblings were in attendance" due to the ongoing pandemic. Still, it looks like Cody and Brown didn't let that get them down.

Cody Gifford and Erika Brown got engaged last year after six years of dating.


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Last May, Brown took to Instagram to share photos from Cody's proposal, writing about how excited she was to take this next step in her relationship.

"Haven't been able to breathe properly since," Brown wrote at the time. "I am so overjoyed and overtaken with love, excitement, and gratitude. I get to have this hunk as my permanent partner in life and I am very thankful to GOD and all of you for your love!"

Who is Erika Brown?

Brown is an actress who has taken on several roles in the past few years. She's appeared on shows including Hawaii Five-O, Dexter, and most recently, Henry Danger in 2018. She frequently shares adventures in her career on her Instagram account, and was particularly pumped about her role on Hawaii Five-O. 

Brown is close with Kathie Lee Gifford.


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Brown already gets along pretty well with her mother-in-law and has shared several photos with her on Instagram ... including this one, which came with a sweet caption that called Gifford "brilliantly talented and gorg." In-law relationships can definitely be complicated, but it seems like there's nothing but love going on over here.

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Erika Brown is friends with Chrissy Metz.

As she's shared on social media, not only is Brown friends with This Is Us star Chrissy Metz, but Metz was also once her talent agent.

"She used to represent me as my agent and now you see her talent on one of the most soul invigorating shows. Yes her book is inspiring, relatable and hysterical. Howevaaa most of y’all, most of all, her heart is pure of gold. Pure gold. I thank her for always believing in me and for still continuing to be just the best," Brown wrote back in 2018. 

Erika Brown competed with the Gifford family on Family Feud.

Brown's been a part of the Gifford family for a long time, including on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud earlier this year, where she competed with her now husband's family, including his mom, and his sister, Cassidy. It seems like Brown already fits right in with the Gifford gang, and now, she's officially a Gifford, too.

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