Chilling Facts About The Interstate Strangler, The Serial Killer Who Just Confessed To Another Murder On A Podcast

This is seriously disturbing.

Who Is The Interstate Strangler? New Details About Dellmus Colvin YouTube

Better sit down for this one, folks. Dellmus Colvin, also known as the Interstate Strangler, has been behind bars since 2006 after being convicted for the murders of several women. However, after appearing on an episode of the podcast Where the Bodies are Buried, hosted by criminal profiler Phil Chalmers, the 61-year-old American serial killer made a surprising admission and claimed that he killed another woman outside of a truck stop 15 years ago.


Who is the Interstate Strangler?

The Interstate Strangler is Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin. Not much is known about his background; he was born on August 3, 1959 in New Jersey, grew up in various suburbs of Atlantic City, and started working as a taxi driver in the 1980s. 

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Dellmus was reportedly pretty anti-social and had issues with his social skills, which made him unpopular with others in the area. His criminal record started after he moved to Summit County in Ohio in 1989, where he was arrested on assault charges and possession of a deadly weapon.

He was convicted of both crimes and sentenced to fifteen years in prison; however, Dellmus was released on parole after serving just two years. He headed back to jail in 1993 after violating his parole, then was released in 1996. 

He then found work as a truck driver, which fueled his murder spree across the country. 

How many women did the Interstate Strangler kill?

Although the Interstate Strangler has only been charged with the murders of seven women, he claims that he’s killed between 47 - 52 women since he started killing women -- mostly prostitutes, drug abusers, and other transients who weren’t easily traceable -- at age 24.


“I never counted,” Colvin said on the podcast. “I averaged one to two a year. My best year, I did three. Calculate that, it comes to between 47 to 52.”

He also admitted that after kidnapping the women, he would strangle them in the cab of his truck, then wrap their heads in plastic wrap and duct tape. “The last thing you want is someone popping up while you're going down the interstate about 70 or 80 mph,” he said.

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What did the Interstate Strangler say while appearing on the podcast?

Dellmus admitted he killed another woman while appearing on an episode of the podcast, Where the Bodies are Buried. He met the woman, whose name is unknown but is described by Bellmus as a “white woman with dishwater blonde hair,” at a truck stop after she knocked on his window. 

After telling her to leave, she came back a few minutes later, and he invited her into the cab of his truck. He strangled her, and then drove off with her body, eventually dumping it in a wooded area behind a truck wash. 

“The road is deserted. No one comes down there, it's dark and it's scary,” he said with a bone-chilling laugh. “I pulled all the way in the back. The weeds are so high, and I just remember picking [the body] up on my shoulder and into the woods I go.”

Based on the surprise admission, authorities searched the area that Colvin described. LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton said with the help of cadaver dogs, they were able to find two pieces of bone and sent them off for analysis. 


Bellmus Colvin is currently serving several life sentences in a prison in Ohio.

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