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Creepy Details About Phillip Jablonski, The Serial Killer Who Murdered His Wife & Her Mother

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Who Is Phillip Jablonski? Facts About The Serial Killer Who Murdered His Wife & Her Mother

Serial Killer Week is well underway on Investigation Discovery, and while the crime network is churning out new documentaries about the country’s most prolific serial killers this week, a documentary about one of the more disturbing American serial killers is set to air on Sept. 3. The new doc takes a look at the killings of Phillip Jablonski, and while he’s not as well known as the BTK Strangler or the Butcher Baker, his crimes are just as disturbing.

Who is Phillip Jablonski?

Phillip Jablonski is an American serial killer who was born on January 3, 1946 in Joshua Tree, California. 

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Growing up, Phillip Jablonski witnessed some horrific things in his household. He had an alcoholic father who would beat and sexually abuse his sisters and his mom, which essentially set the stage for Jablonski to repeat the cycle years later. 

Jablonski suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the abuse and when he was sixteen years old, he attacked his 14-year-old sister in their own home, placing a rope around her neck and threw her on her bed. Before he could follow through on what he intended to do, he broke down and started crying, and when his sister told their parents about it, he was beaten by his father.

When was Phillip Jablonski charged for his first crime?

Phillip Jablonski was charged for his first crime in 1972 after he raped a female acquaintance. She escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house and Jablonski was arrested and convicted for his crime.

Who was the first woman Phillip Jablonski murdered?

In February of 1977, Phillip Jablonski met a woman named Linda Kimball, and in December of the same year, Kimball gave birth to their daughter and the pair had moved in together. 

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One night, Jablonski broke into Linda’s mother’s house and told her he was going to rape her. However, he said when he looked at Isobel Pahls, Linda’s mom, he said he could only see Linda and couldn’t go through with it. 

A few days later, Linda left Jablonski and upon returning to their apartment to gather her and their child’s belongings, was murdered by Jablonski. He was arrested eleven days later, and ordered to serve just twelve years in prison for his crime.

Who was Phillip Jablonski’s wife?

Phillip Jablonski was married multiple times and had children with a few different women. Phillip’s first wife was a woman named Alice McGowan. The pair met in high school, however, Phillip enlisted in the Army in 1966 and fought in the Vietnam War. Upon his arrival back in the states in 1968, Phillip and Alice got married. 

Phillip got sexually violent with Alice on numerous occasions, and after she left him the same year they got married, he met a woman named Jane Sanders, who he raped on their first date. Jane got pregnant and ended up moving to California with him, and after repeated violent sexual attacks on her, she left him in 1972. 

While serving his prison sentence for the murder of Linda Kimball, Phillip Jablonski got married to Carole Spadoni in 1982 after she answered a newspaper ad he placed while in jail. He was released on parole in 1990 for good behavior.

On April 23, 1991, Spadoni and her mother, Eva Peterson, were found dead in their home. Two other women, Fathyma Vann and Margie Rogers, were also murdered in similar ways within the same week of Spadoni and Peterson’s murders.

Jablonski was arrested on April 28, 1991 and was found guilty of all four murders.

Is Phillip Jablonski still alive?

Phillip Jablonski died on December 27, 2019. 

The Serial Killer Among Us: Phillip Jablonski premieres on Investigation Discovery on September 3 at 9/8c.

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