Fascinating Facts About David Blaine’s Ex-Fiancé, Alizée Guinochet

She's more than just a pretty face.

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Master illusionist David Blaine kicked off his Up-inspired stunt, Ascension, on the morning of Sept. 2 in Page, Arizona. For the death-defying stunt, David will soar through the air at an elevation up to 18,000 feet holding onto nothing but a cluster of 52 helium-filled balloons — one of which is actually an “experimental aircraft.” And while we’re all familiar with David Blaine and his daredevil illusions and stunts, we’re curious to know more about his family life — including his ex-fiancé, Alizée Guinochet.


Who is David Blaine’s ex, Alizée Guinochet?

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Alizée Guinochet was born on May 17, 1985, which makes her a Taurus. The couple dated for a short time before getting engaged on David’s birthday on April 4, 2009. However, the pair called off their engagement in 2013 after rumors that David cheated on Alizée started swirling when he was spotted getting cozy with a mystery lady at 46 Lounge in New Jersey.


"He and his fiancé have been on and off," David's rep said. "But nevertheless he regrets his actions and is sorry if he caused her any embarrassment."

What does Alizée Guinochet do for a living?

Alizée Guinochet is a French model and actress. The 35-year-old beauty is known for her roles in Holly Roller (2010) and Rock ‘n’ Roll (2017). 

She also has her own line of jewelry called And Paris, which features dainty necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, and totally screams Parisian chic.



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“The day Alizée Guinochet decided to launch her own brand of jewelry, she did not give in to any chance. Her whole story destined her to take this path,” her website reads. “As a child, she already knew behind the scenes of Place Vendôme where her grandfather was a renowned jeweler, specializing in precious stones. Her mother, with a more iconoclastic taste, chose the voice of the costume jewel.”

“She was creative director for a London brand, sold at Harrods, TopShop and Selfridges,” her bio continues. “An inspiring figure with a keen sense of novelty. With this rich heritage, Alizée has found her own style.”

Who are David Blaine’s kids?

David Blaine and his ex-wife have one child together, a nine-year-old daughter named Dessa. Although David and Alizée have kept their daughter mostly out of the spotlight, David finally opened up about her during an interview earlier this year.



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"I’ve been very private about everything with her, but during this time and with what’s going on, I felt like this is an appropriate time to show family and my daughter, and just give a little kind of insight to something I would normally not put on TV," he said.


He then went on to say how Dessa is following in his footsteps and loves to perform magic tricks.

"When she was little, I could do magic while holding her, and when she was 4 she just started doing magic to me,” David recalled. “She took my cards and went, 'Pick a card. Don’t show it!' And it was really good!"

Earlier in the year, Dessa and Blaine were separated because of the Coronavirus pandemic (she was in France with her mom), but that didn’t stop the two from bonding over FaceTime.


"I’ve been doing FaceTime workouts with her every day," David said. "We do jump rope competitions, we do push-ups. We do planks together over FaceTime." 

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