Meet National Security Advisor Keith Kellogg's Wife, Paige Kellogg

Meet the spouse of this national security advisor.

Who Is Keith Kellogg's Wife? Everything To Know About Paige Kellogg Youtube

On Wednesday night, the theme of the Republican National Convention is "The Land of Heroes," and that's when Keith Kellogg — retired general in the US Army and National Security Advisor to Vice President Mike Pence — will take the stage to speak. And even though, thanks to social distancing, the RNC will look a bit different this year, there's no doubt that his wife, Paige Kellogg, will be watching and cheering him on. 


Who is Keith Kellogg's wife, Paige Kellogg?

 Here's what to know about Paige Kellogg, before her husband makes his speech.

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Who is Paige Kellogg?

Keith Kellogg made his career out of being part of the military, so it's no surprise that's how he met his wife, too. Originally, Keith and Paige — who was then Paige Cook — met while serving, and got married in 1980. Though they've been separated for deployments as his military career continued well into their marriage, it seems they've been living happily ever after ever since.


Paige Kelllogg, like her husband, served in the military.

Paige herself also served in the military, and was part of the 1983 Invasion of Grenada. After graduating from college, Paige served on active and reserve duty for eight years before pivoting to support Keith as an army wife. 

"As an Army wife of over 30 years, I held numerous positions in organizations that serve and support military service members and their families and wounded warriors," she said.

Paige Kellogg serves on the board of the Army Distaff Foundation. 

These days, Paige stays involved by sitting on the board of the Army Distaff Foundation, an organization that provides "a compassionate community with exceptional wellness care and purposeful living for older adults who served our nation" through the Knollwood Community, a care home that houses 300 men and women who have served in the military, including those who are unable to pay for their services. 

What does Paige Kellogg do for a living?



A post shared by Paige Kellogg, Realtor (@realtorpaigekellogg) on Apr 3, 2020 at 12:20pm PDT

Now that she's retired from military life, Paige has pivoted her career into selling real estate in Virginia, which she says is perfect for her because of the time she spent traveling around with the military.


"Having lived in many homes in the states and overseas, I came to appreciate the uniqueness of each one," she said in her bio on the Century 21 website. "I love people and houses — being a realtor is a perfect fit for me!" 

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Keith Kellogg's wife shares her military memories on Instagram. 

On her Instagram — which she uses primarily for her real estate business — Paige has shared throwback photos from her time in the military and after, including photos of her and Keith in their uniforms from when they were both serving.  


Who are Keith and Paige Kellogg's children? 

Though their children are all grown now, Keith and Paige have three: Bryan, Meaghan, and Tyler. Considering how close their family seems to be, there's no doubt that their children will also be watching their father speak at the RNC, right along with their mother.

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