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Who Is Kim Reynolds's Husband? Everything To Know About Kevin Reynolds

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Who Is Kim Reynolds's Husband? Everything To Know About Kevin Reynolds

The Republican National Convention officially begins on Monday, August 24, and on Tuesday, Iowa governor Kim Reynolds is slated to speak. As a Republican and longtime fan of president Donald Trump, it's no surprise Reynolds is among the politicans who have been selected to appear at the RNC, especially as she's recently met with Trump and vice president Mike Pence to talk about COVID-19. And when it's Reynolds' turn to talk, there's a good chance her husband will be among the people who are cheering her on. 

But even though Reynolds is in the spotlight as governor, her husband, Kevin Reynolds, has a politically charged career of his own.

Who is Kim Reynolds' husband, Kevin Reynolds?

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Kim Reynolds' husband is Kevin Reynolds, the first "first man" of Iowa. 

Reynolds, who has been the governor of Iowa since 2017, is the first woman to hold that role, making Reynolds the first First Gentleman in Iowa history. That means he has taken on responsibilities that have previously been doled out to women, like being in charge of a Mother's Day tea (despite the fact that he is actually a father) and hosting a garden party at the governor's mansion in 2018

Before he retired, Kevin Reynolds worked in agriculture.

Though he retired after 36 years in March 2017, Kevin was formerly a Soil Conservationist and a District Conservationist with the US Department of Agriculture. According to his bio on the governor's office website, Kevin has always loved the outdoors and his passion for agriculture and working with plants and soil has followed him in the years since his career has ended. 

Kevin Reynolds brings his agricultural expertise to the role as the governor's husband.

Now that Kevin is retired, he still uses what he learned in his career while working in support of his wife. He works as the Habitat Establishment Coordinator for the Iowa Renewable Fuels Assocation.

"In his new role, Kevin is keenly focused on preserving and enhancing Terrace Hill (the Governor’s Mansion) for future generations of Iowans to enjoy," says his page on the Iowa state government website. "As an avid outdoorsman, Kevin also continues to deeply care about soil health and water quality. As First Gentleman, he is actively engaged in educating Iowans of all ages about the state’s many treasured natural resources." 

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He often appears alongside his wife at events.


A post shared by Kim Reynolds (@kimreynoldsia) on Nov 6, 2018 at 6:39am PST

Kevin appears to be a regular fixture alongside his wife no matter what she's doing, whether she's at events, campaigning, or simply sharing her life with her followers on Instagram. He doesn't seem to live a very public life himself, but does seem like he's very supportive of his wife at every opportunity.

He suffered an emergency appendectomy In 2018.

Kevin made headlines in August 2018 when he underwent an emergency appendectomy after complaining of abdominal pain. Fortunately, the surgery went off without a hitch and he was quickly able to go home to recover, with his wife joking about his main concern being about when he'd be able to go elk hunting.

Kim and Kevin Reynolds have three children and 10 grandchildren. 

The Reynolds have three adult daughters: Nicole, Jessica, and Jennifer. Between their three daughters, they have 10 grandchildren, who Kim posts about from time to time on Instagram. She hasn't shared what she'll be speaking about when she takes the stage at the RNC on Tuesday night, but it seems like she has a pretty big family who will be tuning in to see her in action.

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