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Who Is Louis DeJoy’s Wife? Details About Aldona Wos

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Who Is Louis DeJoy’s Wife? Details About Aldona Wos

Louis DeJoy has been making headlines since President Trump appointed him as the Postmaster General back in May of 2020. Since Trump appointed the prominent businessman to the position, DeJoy has made massive changes to the post office, including "eliminating employee overtime, removing mail-sorting machines from postal facilities around the country, and reorganizing or eliminating Postal Service leadership" months before the most important election in American history — an election in which many Americans are going to vote by mail. 

After more than twenty states planned to filed federal lawsuits against the USPS, DeJoy backtracked and announced that all changes made to the USPS would be suspended until after the election on November 3. 

Outside of his newfound power position, 63-year-old Louis DeJoy is also a family man and is married with two kids.

Who is Louis DeJoy’s wife, Aldona Wos?

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Louis DeJoy’s wife is Aldona Wos. She was born in Warsaw, Poland on March 26, 1955, which makes her an Aries

What does Louis DeJoy’s wife do?

Louis DeJoy’s wife, Aldona Wos, is a Polish-American politician and former physician. She went to college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then attended medical school at the Warsaw Medical Academy, which is the largest — and most prestigious — med school in Poland.

After completing med school, Aldona reportedly moved to New York to complete her residency, specializing in lung diseases at an unknown location. She then practiced medicine in Manhattan for almost two decades. 

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Aldona left her medical practice in 1997 and began to wade into the politics pool with her husband, who at the time, was the CEO of New Breed Logistics Inc. The couple settled in North Carolina, where they currently reside and the pair began to organize and host fundraisers for a plethora of Republican candidates from the late ‘90s until present day.

Aldona even served as the vice-chairwoman for George W. Bush’s North Carolina fundraising campaign in 2002, and was appointed to the board of directors of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. She also raised nearly $1 million for Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole in 2002.

“Aldona brings such passion and commitment to endeavors that she chooses to tackle — and she has the unique ability to spread her enthusiasm and energy to those who work with her,” Dole said.

Louis DeJoy and his wife founded the Aldona Wos Foundation in 2005. The goal of the foundation is to “support and invest in organizations that provide opportunities for individuals to advance their education, explore career options, broaden their horizons, forge lasting relationships and become engaged contributors to their communities and society.”

Right now, she’s the vice chair of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, and President Trump appointed her as the ambassador to Canada in February of this year, which has been met with scathing controversy from people all across the country.

How did Louis DeJoy meet his wife?

It is unclear how Louis DeJoy met his wife; however, it's safe to assume they have been together since at least 1997, when Aldona left her medical practice in New York and moved to North Carolina to be with him. 

Who are Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos’ children?

Louis DeJoy and Aldona Wos have two children, twins Ania and Andrew, who are  Episcopal High School alumni. The pair graduated from the prestigious high school in 2014, which puts them in their early to mid-20s today.

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