Who Is Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris's Stepdaughter?

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Who Is Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris's Stepdaughter?
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As Kamala Harris joins Joe Biden's campaign for president, she'll have the support of her family behind her, but who are the people who will be rooting her on? You might already know about her husband, Doug Emhoff, who she married in 2014, but just as important are his children with his ex-wife, Kerstin Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff, who are Harris' stepchildren, and who also seem to be incredibly important to her. 

It's definitely not uncommon to see the family members of candidates at campaign events leading up to the election, so there's a good chance we'll see the whole Emhoff crew in action as Harris fights alongside Biden for victory this November. 

Who is Kamala Harris's stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff? 

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Who is Ella Emhoff? She's an artist.

According to her LinkedIn, 21-year-old Ella Emhoff is currently a student at the Parsons School of Design, studying Apparel and Textiles, and she's set to graduate next year in 2021. On Instagram, it's very clear that she's passionate about what she's studying and she very often shares what she's working on, including her oil paintings. It's easy to see that she definitely has a lot of talent

Ella Emhoff also designs clothing.

Since Emhoff's focus in school is textiles, it makes sense that she's also into fashion design, and lately, she seems to be big on crocheting — another thing she's chosen to share with her Instagram followers. She's made jackets, hats, coats, and even a pair of knit shorts, which takes a lot of time and skill to make happen. 

Ella Emhoff takes commissions.

Emhoff already has her website all set up, and yes, she does take commissions if anyone is interested. Her website shares what she offers, complete with prices, and she also takes custom orders, too. She also uses her website to showcase what she can do with her art, including knits, painting, ceramics, and drawings.

Kamala Harris had to miss Emhoff's high school graduation. 

In an essay she wrote last year, Harris shared that because she was elected to the Senate as Ella was starting her senior year of high school, she struggled with being away from her — and she ultimately ended up having to miss her high school graduation when it fell on the same day that James Comey testified before the Senate in 2018, something she said upset her deeply but that Emhoff was understanding of.

"Ella was just entering her senior year of high school in Los Angeles," Harris wrote. "This new job meant that I would be splitting time between California and Washington, D.C., and the hardest part was going to be being away from my Ella. I knew I was inevitably going to miss more than a few swim meets. And as you might guess, it ended up being more than swim meets."  


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Emhoff was in a Bo Burnham music video.

Although she doesn't seem to have too much acting experience, in 2014, Emhoff was in Bo Burnham's music video for "Repeat Stuff," something she posted about on Instagram at the time.

"Spoiler I die," she posted about the video. 

Who is Ella Emhoff's mom, Kerstin Emhoff? 

Though Emhoff undoubtedly has Harris in her corner, she and her mom, Kerstin, are very close, and Kerstin frequently posts about her daughter on her own account, including plenty of adorable selfies like this one. It's so sweet to see that Emhoff has two amazing women in her life like these ladies, and one of them just might end up being the next Vice President. 

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