Who Is Drake Bell's Ex-Girlfriend? Details About Melissa Lingafelt Who Accused Him Of Abuse

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Who Is Drake Bell's Ex-Girlfriend? Details About Melissa Lingafelt Who Accused Him Of Abuse
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Who is Drake Bell's ex-girlfriend, Melissa Lingafelt?

Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell was accused of verbal and physical abuse by ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt on Wednesday, August 12. Lingafelt posted a lengthy video on TikTok detailing the abuse allegations, which you can watch below. 


This is my truth. I hope this message reaches young girls, and that no one has to go through what I did. ##2020survivor

♬ original sound - jimiono

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Drake Bell responded in a statement to People, saying that he "never abused my ex-girlfriend or did so many of the other things Melissa falsely claimed on her TikTok video."

Who is Melissa Lingafelt? Her stage name is Jimi Ono.

Melissa Lingafelt was born on December 20, 1989. She was homeschooled as a teen, then moved in with Drake Bell in his Los Feliz, California home when they started dating. Her stage name is Jimi Ono, which is the name all of her social media handles are under. 

Melissa Lingafelt is an actress, model, and singer.

While Melissa doesn’t have too many acting credits to her name, she did appear in a Drake Bell short called Drake Bell: I Know, and had a small role in the 2008 party film College, which also happened to star Drake Bell. 

Melissa recently released a new single, “Pesos,” under her stage name Jimi Ono.

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“My single Pesos featuring @ronsocold is FINALLY out on all platforms! Link in bio!” she captioned a selfie on July 3. “Please listen, show some love, share with friends, and help support artists of every kind! And as always, never forget - Black Lives Matter!”

Melissa Lingafelt and Drake Bell dated when she was 16.

In her TikTok video, the former actress revealed that she and Drake dated when she was just 16 years old. Drake Bell was 20 years old at the time. 

Melissa Lingafelt competed in the Miss Teen USA Pageant. 

Melissa competed in the Miss Teen USA Pageant as Miss North Carolina Teen in 2006 and placed first runner up, losing the title to Katie Blair of Montana. She didn’t walk away from the competition empty-handed, though, as she was voted Miss Photogenic by the public. 

Melissa Lingafelt and Drake Bell seemingly kept in contact.

Drake Bell has adamantly denied Melissa’s abuse allegations, but he did reveal that they had been in contact in the past year after she reached out to him for financial help.

In his statement, Drake said, “Clearly, Melissa still felt close enough to me just last year that she was comfortable reaching out to ask me to provide her with financial support during a tough time (which I did).”

"I do not know if today’s behavior is some kind of misguided quest for more money or attention," he continued. "But I cannot and will not allow these offensive and defamatory allegations to go unchallenged and I am reviewing my legal options."

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, there are ways to get help. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to thehotline.org.

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