Who Is The Host Of 'Crazy Delicious' On Netflix? Everything To Know About Comedian Jayde Adams

She's an award-winning comedian.

Who Is The Host Of 'Crazy Delicious' On Netflix? Everything To Know About Comedian Jayde Adams Youtube

Crazy Delicious is the only show on Netflix that can turn everyday cuisine into a work of art. The British competition show is a hit for what are, perhaps, obvious reasons — who can resist an edible set

But, yummy set aside, the host and the judges — Carla Hall, Niklas Ekstedt, and Heston Blumenthal — have become overnight sensations in America. However, they were all very well known in England prior to their Stateside fame and Hall was famous in America for her stints on Top Chef. 


Who is the host of Crazy Delicious on Netflix, Jayde Adams?

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Jayde Adams is originally from Bristol, England. 

Jayde Priscilla Adams was born in Bristol, England, a working-class community. While little is known about her pre-fame life, she got her start in comedy back in 2011 as a way to cope with the sudden death of her sister, Jenna, who had an inoperable brain tumor. Jenna and Jayde danced together, competitively, for more than a decade prior to Jenna's illness


Jayde Adams missed out on an opportunity to meet Adele.

In 2015, Adams was working as an Adele impersonator, and she was so good at the job that she was invited — along with other Adele impersonators — to a show that the BBC was doing about celebrity impersonators. Thinking it would be a reality show, Adams stormed off when she realized it wasn't. Unfortunately for her, the other Adele impersonators who stuck around got a chance to meet the "Hello" singer for the show! Yikes!

Adams is a huge supporter of LGBTQIA+ causes. 

When her sister, Jenna, died in 2011, Adams said that it was the LGBTQIA+ community that not only helped her get through with coping with her death, but helped her hone her skills on the comedy stage. As a result of their support, Adams "gives back" by supporting their causes. She is a friend to drag performer Jonny Woo, and even would work with him during her live performances from time to time. 

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Jayde Adams has won several awards for her comedy. 

Jayde Adams is the very definition of the word "award-winning comedian." She won the "Funny Women" award in 2014, she was a nominee for the Best Newcomer at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and she's won everything from an audience vote at the London Cabaret Awards to "Best Show" and "Best Female Performer" at The Scottish Sun. 



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Who is Jayde Adams? She's starred in several television shows, as well. 

Jayde Adams isn't just a comedian — she's a television actor, as well. Her IMDB page features an impressive list of credits, including an appearance on Good Omens, the acclaimed television mini-series, where she played Julia Petley. She also appeared on such shows as Borderline and on her best-known role in Hunka Wonda

Who is Jayde Adams dating?

Jayde Adams has been involved with Rich Wilson since 2017. And, like his partner, Wilson is an internationally renowned comedian who has a knack for "taming the wildest audiences." His brand of comedy, however, is a bit less "user-friendly" than his partner's, which is why he's mostly known on the stand-up circuit. And while it's unclear how they met, they've clearly been together for quite a long time and seem happy together ... even if they did put their relationship on display for a "couples therapy"-style television show


If you can't get enough of Jayde Adams, Crazy Delicious is airing on Netflix now.


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