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Who Are The Food God Judges On 'Crazy Delicious' On Netflix?

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Who Are The Food God Judges On 'Crazy Delicious' On Netflix?

We've seen some super serious cooking competition shows out there, like Chopped or Hell's Kitchen, but this summer, Netflix released a new one that's aiming to do something a bit different. In Crazy Delicious, home chefs are battling it out to win the golden apple — and since the stakes are so low here, they seem to be having a lot of fun and the set is absolutely gorgeous.

On the show, the contestants are being judged by three people known as the Food Gods, and they may seem a little unfamiliar to the viewers watching at home.

Who are the Food God judges on Crazy Delicious on Netflix? Meet Carla Hall, Heston Blumenthal, and Niklas Ekstedt.

Here's everything you need to know, including their impressive credentials that make them the perfect picks for a show like this one. 

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Crazy Delicious consists of three rounds of competition. 

The show's first season consisted of three contestants and six episodes, over which they'd compete in three rounds. In the first round, they'd have to create an extraordinary dish based on one ordinary ingredient. In the second round, they'd need to reinvent one super common dish, showing off their creativity, and in the third round, they needed to crank it up a notch and present their most elaborate dishes.

The show is hosted by Jayde Adams.

Crazy Delicious is hosted by Jayde Adams, a British comedian who is best known for her stand-up comedy. She has also starred in Good Omens on Amazon Prime, as well as her stand-up special on the streaming network, Serious Black Jumper, which was released earlier this year.

One of the Food Gods is Niklas Ekstedt.


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Hailing from Sweden, Ekstedt is a professional chef who's known for cooking without electricity — he loves using ancient cooking techniques and cooking over an open flame. He also took over the show New Scandinavian Cooking last year, so Crazy Delicious definitely isn't his first experience bringing his talents to television, and he also owns his own restaurant, Ekstedt, in Sweden. 

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Another Food God is Carla Hall. 


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Likely the most familiar to American viewers, Carla Hall might be best known for competing (and almost winning) two seasons of Top Chef and being one of the hosts of The Chew. Though it closed in 2017, Hall opened her own restaurant in Brooklyn, Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, and she's gone on to author multiple cookbooks, including Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration, which was released in 2018. 

The third Food God on Crazy Delicious is Heston Blumenthal.

Rounding out the Food God panel is British chef Heston Blumenthal. He owns his own three Michelin star restaurant, The Fat Duck, in Bray, Bershire, as well as another restaurant called Dinner By Heston with locations in London and Melbourne, Australia. He's also hosted many of his own shows, including Heston's Feasts and How to Cook Like Heston, and has even served as a judge on MasterChef Australia.

So far, the show has yet to be renewed for a second season. 

Netflix has yet to share whether or not Crazy Delicious is coming back for Season 2 (or if the same judges will return if the show is renewed), but there's still reason to hold out hope). After all, it's been less than two months since the show dropped on the streaming service, so it's still early. Time will tell if we'll get more episodes of this fun reality series, but in the meantime, these hosts have definitely provided us with a lot of interesting TV of their own to keep up with.

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