Who Is Sam Jay's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Yanise Monét

The comedian has a new Netflix special and is in a pretty adorable relationship.

Who Is Sam Jay's Girlfriend? Everything To Know About Yanise Monét Youtube

Another Netflix comedy special is here to entertain us, and this time, it's starring Sam Jay, a Saturday Night Live writer whose work fans are probably already familiar with. And like a lot of other comedians, Jay draws from her personal life in her act, so don't be surprised when she talks about her significant other in her special, Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning

In fact, Jay's life together with her girlfriend is what inspired some of the funniest parts of her special.


Who is Sam Jay's girlfriend, Yanise Monét?

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Sam Jay's girlfriend Yanise Moné is an overpacker, according to the comedian.

In her comedy special, Jay jokes about how when they travel, her girlfriend always overpacks — like when she brings three bags, even though she only has two arms to carry them with.


"Then we got to the airport and it caused a fight because she forgot I'm not a man, so I don't have any chivalry," Jay said. "It's not like I saw her struggling with her bags and thought, 'I can't let my baby struggle. I gotta get these bags.' F*ck no. I was like, 'Stupid b*tch, bring less bags!'" 

Yanise Monét is an interior designer.

Monét, who calls herself the Vanity Vixen, runs an interior design studio out of New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta called Vanity Interiors, featuring furniture, decor, and textiles, according to her Instagram for her business. Her style seems to be a combination of super-glam and eclectic, and she shares story boards and examples of her work online. 

Sam Jay and Yanise Monét have been together for more than a decade.

In an Instagram post she shared in 2019, Monét wrote about how proud she was of Jay after all of the success she'd found after they'd been dreaming about it for the past 10 years.

"We have our ups and downs like everyone else, but this woman goes above and beyond for me!" she wrote at the time. "I type this while looking up to the heavens on a private non-light polluted beach front villa! We dreamed & manifested this life were living over 10 years ago on a purple couch in my living room! & she continuously works hard every day to make our dreams a manifestation. So thankful!"


Monét travels with Jay frequently.



A post shared by Yanise Monét (@vanity.vixen) on Feb 12, 2020 at 6:50am PST

As far as couples go, it looks like Jay and Monét are pretty much inseparable. Wherever Jay's career takes her, Monét is sure to join her — whether that's at the filming of a new project, somewhere overseas, or even on the red carpet at an event like the Emmys.

Sam Jay's girlfriend seems to be a big fan of '90s sitcoms.

In her Instagram bio, Monét describes herself as half Suzanne Sugarbaker (from Designing Women) and half Karen Walker (from Will & Grace), and those two characters definitely seem to accurately sum up the vibes she gives off from the kind of photos she posts. There's plenty of sass to be found on Monét's page, and it's easy to see why she and someone as funny as Jay would be a perfect match.


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Jay and Monét post about their love for each other often. 

Whether it's for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or no reason at all, Jay and Monét often post about how much they mean to each other — usually calling each other their best friend in the process. Their love for each other is too real, and they're still willing to joke around with (and about) each other at the same time. After how long their relationship has lasted, it seems like this couple is here to stay.


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