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Meet Anna Seregina — A Comedian To Watch In 2020

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Who Is Anna Seregina? New Details About The Comedian To Watch In 2020

Comedy has been part of the human experience as far back as we remember. Dating back to ancient Greece in 425 BCE, it’s evolved greatly from theater, ribald songs, phallic processions, fertility gatherings, and mimesis. Now, we’re used to see comedy performed with stand-up, sketches, improve, or intelligent writing for movies and television. Even podcasts have made their way onto the scene.

And while there are plenty of classic comedians we know by name and face (Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Sarah Silverman, Rodney Dangerfield, Ellen Degeneres, Jim Carrey, Larry David — the list goes on and on!), there are always new and exciting opportunities for young comedians trying to break out in their careers.

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Just like Vulture did a round-up of new, talented comedians to pay attention to, we thought we’d delve into the lives of these hilarious individuals. So, who is Anna Seregina? If you don’t yet know her, you will soon.

1. She’s from Russia.


A post shared by Anna Seregina (@cashmoneygrandpa) on Oct 15, 2019 at 1:01pm PDT

Seregina was born in Moscow, Russia, eventually emigrating to America as a teenager. She now lives in San Francisco.

2. She’s had a great career in comedy.

She initially became involved in improv and theater, performing for almost a decade. She eventually decided to perform as a stand-up comic, and the rest is history. Though she’s self-described as having the “worst aura,” she’s made quite the name for herself over the years.

Seregina has performed at numerous festivals, including SF Sketchfest, Bruise Cruise Festival, SXSW, RIOT LA, Crom, SF Comedy Day, SF Comedy & Burrito, and Phono del Sol. In addition, she was named a “Comic to Watch” by SF Weekly back in 2013. She also co-hosts a podcast called Terrified with Dave Ross.

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3. She’s also an actress.

Seregina has appeared in numerous movies, shorts, and television series, including Stepsister (which screened at Cannes, San Francisco International, and Traverse City), LA Pizza, Disconnected, Request, On the Rocks, The Comedy Show Show, Rad Lands, Comedy Emulator, Super Deluxe Digital, Party Legends, Food: Fact or Fiction?, Sandra, Girl Kyle, Drifters, and the upcoming Derek’s Dead.

4. Her style of comedy is absurdity.


A post shared by Anna Seregina (@cashmoneygrandpa) on Jun 17, 2019 at 11:42am PDT

The best way to sum up Seregina, her comedy, and the style she uses to make people laugh, is probably to quote Vulture:

“In everything she does, Anna Seregina combines a bold desire for experimentation, a flourish of grace, and an undeniable sense of play. Through stand-up, postmodern clowning, and acting in indie comedies and short films, she has become one of the L.A. comedy scene’s absolute favorites to watch. 

Often, Seregina will get delightfully meta in her performances by becoming a skittish version of herself with a Russian accent (she emigrated to America from Russia as a teen), doing impressions of herself doing stand-up, making her comedy like a very satisfying charcuterie plate.

Recently, Seregina has pushed herself further in this regard (in a perhaps Andy Kaufman-esque way) through elaborate, yet very absurd and fun, staged interruptions during live shows with her frequent accomplice Kyle Mizono.”

Or, you know, just watch her stand-up, comedy shorts, and other videos she’s featured in.

5. She's active on Twitter.

Seregina often retweets posts that mirror her own comedic style. She posts things like Russian memes, observations from living in LA, and even reposts tweets from her hilarious friends.

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