Who Is Jonathan Van Ness' Boyfriend? Inside Rumors About 'Queer Eye' Star

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Who Is Jonathan Van Ness' Boyfriend? Inside Rumors About 'Queer Eye' Star
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Anyone obsessed with Queer Eye knows it's impossible to just stop at the show; following along with the Fab Five on social media is an absolute must. Not only do they use their platforms to stand up for what they believe in, but they also give fans plenty of peeks into their personal lives... including when it comes to who they might be dating.

Though a few members of the crew are married and engaged, what about hair guru Jonathan Van Ness? Is he single, or is he in a relationship? 

Who is Jonathan Van Ness' boyfriend? 

Everything we know about JVN's romantic life. 

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Jonathan Van Ness isn't flaunting any relationships on Instagram.

These days, If Van Ness is seeing someone, he isn't filling his fans in on it quite yet because by the looks of his Instagram, it appears that he's single. He hasn't posted about any other men in awhile outside of his Queer Eye co-stars ... though he does make sure to fill his feed with plenty of cat photos and messages about the causes that are most important to him, like LGBTQ rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

There were rumors Van Ness & Queer Eye co-star Anthony Porowski were dating. 

There were rumors that Van Ness was datingg his co-star, Porowski, which they mocked with a couple's Instagram account called "Jvntoni." After many people took it seriously, Van Ness took to Twitter to clear everything up for once and for all. 


"Also for clarification, @antoni & I are a couple.... of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today," he tweeted in July 2019. 

Jonathan Van Ness' most recent serious relationship with Wilco Froneman ended awhile ago. 

In 2018, Van Ness was dating a rugby player named WIlco Froneman, but sadly, that relationship came to an end, with Van Ness insinuating that he cheated in a since-deleted Instagram caption. Eventually, Froneman shared his own statement about their relationship on his Instagram, writing, "I am hurt, but healing and want to state for the record that I was never unfaithful to Jonathan. Our breakup happened as a result of circumstances that I don’t fully understand, nor can explain but I enter 2019 with my feet planted firmly on the ground with a positive attitude and intention to make this year the best ever."

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He doesn't typically share his romantic life publicly. 

Froneman Is the only relationship Van Ness has been open about on social media, especially since he was forced into the spotlight with the massive success of Queer Eye over the past two years. He also hasn't shared any romantic relationships since — if he's been In any to speak of. It seems safe to assume that this is a part of his private life that he'd like to keep private.

Whatever is going on, JVN seems happy. 

If Van Ness is bummed that he's single, he certainly isn't showing it. He seems to be living it up, according to his social media posts go. Lately, he's been promoting his podcastGetting Curious and practicing his gymnastic skills as he waits for Queer Eye to begin filming again.

Who is Jonathan Van Ness' boyfriend? There doesn't seem to be an answer to that question ... yet.

If Van Ness has a boyfriend, his identity is a total secret, and that seems to be the way he likes it. And if he's single? Well, it seems like he's enjoying his life just as much as he was when he was in a relationship, which is all that matters in the end. Hopefully, if he meets someone special, he'll keep fans in the loop. 

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